Undercover Mama nursing tank review

I am a mom of three boys. My oldest being 4 and the newest being 3 months. I can tell you my belly is not where it used to be. While I am starting to workout again to help that. It does not fix it over night. I have become very self conscious about my muffin top and it sucks. I hate not feeling beautiful in my own clothes. Then to top if off if when I am nursing I pull up my shirt and its like hello world please see my belly fat.

However I have heard of Undercover Mama before. I knew they they where a company that sells nursing tanks, but I was not breastfeeding anymore. So now that I have my new little boy I had to get my hands on one.

Here is a picture of me. And while some of you might be saying, "oh your not that big," it is the biggest I have ever been. And yes you can tell when when I have my shirt down. So most time I end up wearing a baggy shirt....NOT SEXY!

 Well when I went back to the Undercover Mama site I found out that they are not only making tanks but they are making ones that have a slimming panel. Here is me with my Undercover Mama on. You can tell it makes a BIG difference. 

It does a great job to help hold it all in. Best of all, I can still breath! Have you ever gotten a "slimming" undershirt that you can't even get on. And then once you do you can't breath? Yeah I have and I hate them. But Undercover Mama slimming style is not that way at all. While it was a little hard to get on, due to the slimming, it was not bad at all.

The tank in of itself is really easy to use. As you can see it has no straps so you can hook it right up to  your nursing bra. 

Its holds on just fine with the hook. The Slimming tank comes in black or white. However the original nursing tank comes in many colors. So it would look great under any shirt.

The other thing I love about Undercover Mama slimming style is that it is breathable. I live in AZ, its going to be 111' this weekend. Last thing I need is an undershirt that is going to squeeze me and make me hot! 

Now I can feed my little guy with a little more confidence. No more pick-a-boo belly hanging out. And I can walk around in clothes that are no longer baggy. If you are a nursing mama and have a little muffin top that you want to hid, or just a nursing mom looking for a good tank you have got to try Undercover Mama. I will be going back and buying more in a few other colors. 


aquaedenpaige2 said…
this is cool wish they had this when I had my children.
Sara Ward said…
This is so aweseome so going to get this for baby number 5

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