Keeping your pool sparkling and clean doesn’t really have to be a burden as you might think. Different pools have different maintenance needs. However, they have one thing in common. The secret to clear sparkling pool water is routine cleaning. No matter if you pay for a pool cleaning service, you still need to take care of a few things on your own to maintain your pool’s condition for years.
Here are some awesome tips you need to know to keep your pool pristine clean.
  • Skim for Debris and Empty out Baskets
Skim your pool’s surface for fallen leaves, bugs, and debris every few days. Use a long skimmer or net to do this process. This is the fastest way to keep your pool clean. This way, you avoid debris from sinking at the bottom of your pool causing stains and bacteria to build up.

You also need to empty out and clean strainer baskets every week. This helps your water to circulate better and it lowers the need for adding chlorine. All you need to do is take it and shake it out. You might need to use a hose to spray the inside and clean out stubborn dirt and objects.

  • Brush Walls & Tile
It is important to brush the entire walls of your pool every week. This sounds like a lot of work but trust me, this actually saves you more time and lessens your burden of putting effort and more force when dirt accumulates and is a lot harder to get rid of if you don’t do this on a weekly basis. This prevents algae from building up and from causing more trouble in the future.

  • Vacuum your Pool
To keep the water clean and clear, make sure to vacuum your pool every week. This also helps in reducing the amount of chemicals needed and prevents bacteria and algae formation. You simply have to vacuum your pool the way your vacuum a carpet.

  • Clean Pool Filter
There different types of pool filter. While each of these types requires different cleaning procedures, all needs to be cleaned regularly depending on how often the pool is used. You don’t want to over clean it because it could be less efficient.

  • Check Water Level
A big volume of water is lost when a pool is regularly used. With all the splashing, swimming and even water evaporating in the air, it is very likely that the water will fall below its required level. Especially during peak season, ensure that it doesn’t fall below the required water level. The pump is in great risk of damage if that happens.

  • Maintain pH Level
Water should be checked regularly to ensure it’s clean and safe to use. PH scale measures acidity from 0-14. 7.2-7.8 is the ideal range that means the water is safe for swimmers. A well maintained pH level helps sanitizers to work at its best. You can monitor your pool’s pH level with a testing kit which is available in different types. Check the manual to know how to use the kit.

  • Shock your Pool
Contaminants and bacteria build up with time and when a pool is regularly used by a lot of people. There is a harsh odor at times that comes with it. To avoid this, shocking your pool regularly is important depending on how often you use your pool. Other pools require every week while other might take a longer period.

  • Check for Leaks and Damage
As a pool owner you have to be observant and cautious when using different pool equipment. Sometimes it is difficult to know if your water dropping below the required level is due to evaporation, heavy usage, or perhaps a leak. Inspect your equipment once in a while. And cleaning your pool is one way to do it. If you see any leak or problem, it’s best to call for a professional to have it repaired.

It’s always easy to jump in and dive in a clean pool, but the cleaning and maintaining process is all a tough job for some pool owners. But with this tips, don’t you think it makes everything easier? Clear out your mind and don’t be stressed. All you need to do is the follow these simple steps and you should be good to relax and enjoy your pool!


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