Baby Enistine

I love Baby Einstein and I was so excited when my mom got me a DVD set of 10 different movies. They are:

Baby Mozart, for ages 1-36 months
Baby Newton All About Shapes, ages 1 and up
Baby Einstein Numbers Nursery, ages 1 and up
Baby Galileo, 9 months and up
Baby Dolittle Neighborhood Animals, ages  1 and up
Baby Dolittle World Animals, ages 1 and up
Baby Santa's Music Box, ages 1 to 36 months
Baby Einstein Language Nursery, ages 1 to 18 months
Baby Shakespeare, ages 1 and up
Baby Van Gogh, ages 1 and up

Now mind you the ones I have are older so the link are links to the newer product of what I have. Not only do they have DVDs but they also have books and toys. So while your baby is a new born you can watch the DVDs with them and talk to them about what they are seeing. Then when they go out or have play time they can play with the toys or charters they just saw. Then when its time for bed time you can read them one of their book until they are old enough to read it to you.

Here is Aiden watching one now (I sit there on the couch next to him and talk to him).

I know a lot of moms don't like the idea of having your baby "hocked" to the TV at such a young age. But the shows are about 30 mins not to long and if you interact with them and not just put them in front of the TV and walk away your baby is going to get a lot out of it. Not only that but it shows you thing that for the most part they would never see in real life at such a young age. Like a lion or hippo!

They have toys and thing for all ages. Here is a picture of a jumper that I have, it has 4 center for him to play with. A piano that lights up and plays music, a sun that he can chew on when he is teething, a frog that also has a mirror on it, and one side has place for you to add toys for them to grab. He also loves it because he can jump in and it!! Here he is playing in it:

I love the different products they have and would recommend this to any and all moms. If your baby is to old for tis don't worry Baby Enistine has you covered with Little Einsteins.

*I was not paid the wright this, all product I bought on my own and my opinion is honest.


Megan said…
Baby Einstein makes some great products! We have a few of the DVDs but haven't watched them yet :)

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