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Free Friday #giveaway link up

Hey all it is time to link up your giveaways!!!!

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite giveaway

Hey guy I am helping Trooprr promote there Amazon Kindle Paperwhite giveaway! Make sure you head over and enter to win!
Just click here to go to the direct link. The kindle is $119.00 if you buy it, so make sure you enter to win it will save you money! There will only be one winner and it ends March 17! It is also open to US and Canada!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Picking the right wedding dress

I can't even began to tell you the nightmare it was for me to pick a wedding dress. Let me first start by saying I love the wedding dress I wore 5 1/2 years ago. But let's face it having two kids and 5 years later, that dress does not fit like it used to. I also had a harder time because I needed to find a modest dress. That means no low back, to low sweet heart neck line, and it has to have sleeves. I know I know your thinking it can't be found right... And for under $300. I know your thinking, "yeah right well good luck with that!" Well I am proud to say that I found just that at David's Bridal 

Honey Bunches of Oats #giveaway ends 3/15

Honey Bunches of Oats you have done it again! I am in love with Honey Bunches of Oats they have great flavors from Honey Bunches of Oats with Vanilla Bunches to their new flavor Honey Bunches of Oats Tropical Blends - Mango Coconut. They have 12 different flavors so I am sure you will find one that you love. 

My blogging story, then and now

It is hard to believe that that April 2, 2011 I wrote my first blog post. It was a review on plum organic baby food and how my new little boy liked it. From there I was hoping thing would just get better and better. I thought that in a year from then I would be as big as some other big named blogs like Mommy of Two Little Monkeys or Simply Stacie, but I am a far cry from both. In fact more days I feel like I just started blogging, and I am trying to get my number up, and Alexa rank down and so on. But lest face it, I did not/ do not know where to start. I know now that I need to know all about SEO... but I still don't know what that is! So where do I go from here? How do I get bigger? What do I want to do with my blog?

Oz The Great and Powerful - "Argument Over Oz" #disneyozevent

I can not wait till this movie comes out!!! Make sure you “Like” OZ THE GREAT & POWERFUL on Facebook, and follow them on twitter!

Premama Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mix, #DrinkPremama

Hey all as if you remember awhile back I tried Premama Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mix. Well I am glad to say that I now use that other then taking big horse pills. Some people might thank that once you give birth you don't need to take prenatals any more. Well you really sure if you are breastfeeding. You need to make sure you are getting all the extra good stuff that you can get! But most people have a hard time taking the big pills. That is why Premama Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mix is so great. You just add it to any drink and there you go you took your prenatals! 

Tie by PUCCINI review and #giveaway ends 3/12

I have worked with Bows N Ties once before and I do like the ties. The ties are great they are made well and have a ton of different colors. But now that have some new ones and the one I got to review.... well lets just say I am not a fan of the color. The ties is made of microfiber fabric, which is great because they are stain resistant. I say that is great because with two kids, well ok three Ryan makes more of a mess eating then Aiden our two year old does! So if... no WHEN he spills on himself it can be cleaned up without a lot of work. The new Puccini ties also comes in 8 different colors, but don't get the amber yellow and white striped tie because to me at least it looks like baby poop!

Gearing Up For Baby Blog Hop Sign Ups

<a href=""><img border="0" src="" /> </a>Hosted By:Mommy's Favorite Things&Mama's Baby Cupcakes "Gearing Up For Baby" This Blog Hop giveaway is going to be items that are meant for 0-12 month olds. It's a baby hop! There are lots of options for finding a prize for this wonderful event. Your only mission is to find the perfect prize pack for your blog! Because this is a blog hop, each blog will be responsible for securing their own prize on their own blog. Each prize must be a Minimum of $25. The Prize can be sponsored OR you can self sponsor. Each blog can have more than 1 winner, but each winner must win at least $25 in prizes.  Joining this Blog Hop is FREE with Announcement.When: 4/15-4/29Who: Anybody with a blog can sign up for this one! Sign ups close 4/8Click here to find the HTML for the announcement po…

Quick Clean Breastmilk Removal Soap coupon

Hey moms Medela is offering a coupon for their new Quick Clean Breastmilk Removal Soap! Just add the soap and let it soak and just like that the breastmilk reside is gone! TO get a $1 off coupon just click the link, but you must buy it before March 31, 2013

Don't forget to also check out their new bottle Calma, its a great way to help reduce problems going from breast to bottle. 

Schick Hydro silk razor

Hey ladies have you tried the new Schick Hydro silk razor? Head over to Shick's facebook page to stay one top of things!! I have been using this for almost a month now and I am in love. It has kept my legs soft and gave it a close shave. Most of the time I buy guys razors because they give you a closer shave... well not anymore. Schick is my new go to shaver!! Best part is you don't have to buy a whole new razor every time you just need to get a new blade.

I want to say thank you to BzzAgent for offering me a product to sample  If you are not a member for BzzAgent yet you should be!

Freee Blogger G!ve-Away Opp for a 200.00 Gift Card

Blog with Mom and Adventures of 8 have teamed up with a wonderful online meeting place for pregnancy and mommies of babies and toddlers called BellyHood! We are looking for 50 other family-friendly pregnancy or baby/toddler niched blogs to help us give away a $200.00 Gift Card! Each Blogger will receive a FREE Twitter Link for posting and promoting the free giveaway opp and event.
If YOU are a family-friendly pregnancy or baby/toddler-niched blog CLICK HERE to go sign up NOW to apply for this FREE Giveaway Opportunity!

Coconut, Honey, and Thyme glazed salmon

Here is what I made for lunch today.

Coconut, Honey, and Thyme glazed salmon. Prep and recipe to come later, but here is a tease picture for now.

Introducing Ryan Smith...Katie's husband.

Hi guys. This is Ryan, Katie's husband.

I'm going to start writing posts tied to healthy but delicious cooking, and some fitness related things. Let me start by saying I don't want to detract from the main focus of this site. However, I know many of you would be interested in healthy recipes, and tips/guides for getting being more healthy.

Wedding talk

Yes Ryan and I are married, going on our 6th year. However we never got to get married in our temple. So now that the time is right and we have been going to church more and we are ready to get married in our church. Yes I am lds and we believe in all time and eternity not just till death do we part. So now I am planning a fast wedding! My parents are coming to visited in April, so I need to find a dress, bridesmaid dress, and more.... Fast! So the next few months I am going to tell you some of the best places to go, where to buy and what to get. Also how to do it on a budget. Lets face it as a mom of two boys you don't always have a ton of money left over to spend on you. The first dress I had I loved but again after two kids, your body is not the same anymore.

About me update

Hi readers, it has now been about a year seance I started writing on this blog. I have to say I have gone a long way from where I wanted to go. I started this blog to help other new moms get as much info as they could about products, breastfeeding, potty training and more... and I kind of failed you on that. While I have done lots of review on baby products, I have also not really been telling you what has been going on in my life.

I am now a proud mama of two boys. My oldest is now 2 (27 months) and is almost potty trained! And then there is my new little bundle of joy who is 2 months. With my oldest (Aiden) we co-beded and I tried to cloth diaper him. I never even knew about cloth diapering until after he was born. I got lucky with him when it came to breastfeeding, the took to it like a pro. Aiden had a lot of little health problems his first year of life but now has a 100% clean bill. We also had him learn sign language at a young age and that helps cut down on the crying.

Parents should remember what they don't do while child has a tantrum, guest post

Parents should remember what they don't do while child has a tantrum Every kid shows his own ways of anger when he get irritated or when he desires to have something. While some kids are always calm and shy, some throw tantrums unnecessarily. Tantrums involve yelling, screaming and even kicking. Kids, sometimes, even roll on the floor and pound their fists which make your neighbors peep out of their windows. However, as a parent you should be careful while handling situations like this. If you slip out even a little and act accordingly when your kid starts his tantrum, in the future, he will use his tantrums to gain attention. Here are a few tips that you should follow while dealing with your kid’s tantrums.

The Big Lock Down, guest post

Nicole Yontz is a stay at home mom in Arizona, a parenting contributor to and a blogger for her own personal site at

Live Clean (Baby) Diaper Ointment

I have gotten lucky with not having a ton of diaper rashes with my kids. The few times I have was when we where trying to find out what diaper he could use. Now that we have a new little one we want to see if he has the same problem. I just knew that we where going to need to get some good diaper rash cream on hand just in case. But have you ever read the back, are really seen what is in diaper rash cream? While some brands are more natural then others, have you ever wished to find that one that is not only 100% natural but is also hypoallergenic, petroleum free and free of preservative? Well look no further, because Live Clean (baby) diaper ointment does just that!

Natural Child World Magazines, review and #giveaway

As much as I love to look at baby magazines, have you ever noticed that they never really show any "green" things in there? Not saying the things in there are bad, just that they don't have a lot of info about things that are for us moms who are trying to go green, cloth diapering, and use products that are more Eco-friendly. Well now there is a magazine that comes with it all. It's called Natural Child World Magazine and they have great stories such as, "Choosing Non-Toxic Toys" and "Mighty Milk" (Breast milk that is).

BrylaneHome Carbon Steel Non Stick Cookware

I am SO not the cook in this family! I know how to cook eggs, mac and cheese and a few other things :) My husband is the real cook in the family. Most of the time he just makes it up as he goes. The biggest problem we have had is that every one of our pots and pans are handle downs or we bought at a second hand store. We have been in dier need of a new set now that he is cooking more. We also did not want to get just any we really need/wanted to get a set that was non stick. Lucky BrylaneHome has some great deals of pots and pans. Like this one I'm getting to review, their 14 pc Carbon steel non-stick cookware set  is normally $99.99 and its on sale for $59.99.