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My kids love my iPad. So when I got a chance to review a new iPad app from Speakaboos I was excited.

More Time for Mom shopping spree giveaway

Moms this one is for you! We all would all love to have a shopping spree right?! How about ones for cosmetics, scrapbooking, home decor, a new wardrobe or even a kindle fire! Well here is how you can. 

Want to enter to winMore Time for Mom just click the link! Each week there is a new prize!
Oct. 16 – 22:
Cosmetics Shopping SpreeOct. 23 – 29:
Scrapbooking Shopping SpreeOct. 30 – Nov. 5:
Home Décor Shopping SpreeNov. 6 – 12:
New Wardrobe Shopping SpreeNov. 13 – 19:
Kindle Fire!Each weekly grand prize winner will also receive a FREE year’s supply of Purex liquid detergent. 2nd place winners each week will receive a Kindle eReader. Enter today for a chance to WIN, and enjoy some quality time for YOU!

EZBiotics giveaway 11/8

Whenever you get really sick the doctor sometimes will give you an antibiotics. And while it may help you get over your sickness, the antibiotics also kill the good biotics. So what do you do? How about trying EZBiotics. It is a Daily Probiotic Supplement that also supports immune health. You can take 2 pills a day, even if you never got sick. It is also ok for kids to take them however they should only take one capsule day, but always ask your doctor first. Same goes for if your are pregnant or breastfeeding. EZBiotics also don't have any milk or gluten.

weaning off the breast

We are coming up on Logans 1st birthday. And with that I am wanting to start weaning him off. He eats lots of solids and knows how to dink out of a sippy and bottle but, he will not drink it if it is milk. Any kind of milk, breast, formula, normal milk. That is unless I give this sippy to his brother. I know right away a lot of you are giong to say, let him self wean, or dont' stop at a year or whatever. With Aiden we breastfeed until he was 15ish months.

With Logan there are a few reason why I want to stop early. And yes they maybe slefish reason but they are mine and each mom needs to decited on their own when is the right time for them. First of all he still wakes up every 5 mins after 1am and wants to feed. Now dont get me worng I still feed him, but most of the time he is not feeding as in just passifering. I would love to just give him a sippy and let him fall back asleep.

I also want to really start losing the baby fat and there are a few things I can't do while breastf…

QiPillow for back pains

I love when my door bell rings later in the evening, most of the time that means I am getting something from FedEx or UPS. But when I got a rather small box when I was expecting a big one I was confused. I opened it up and saw a small camel Micro-Suede... thing! When I looked at it more I relized it was that QiPillow I was to review. I was a little lost as to why they would send me just a cloth and not the whole pillow. Then I remembered it is an air pillow.

The QiPillow is meant to give you good support while sitting. As a blogger I know that my back hurts after sitting on a chair or even the couch for a long time. I am alway grabbing a pilling and moving it around to make it work. That is one reason why I like the QiPillow, with it being air you can make is a full as you need for your back.

This is what it looked like when I took it out of the box.
I know from breastfeeding and sitting a lot that my back tends to hurt. It is very important to keep your back healthy. Because not onl…

Holiday Gift Guide: First Impression Kids Art set, review and $25 GC giveaway!

Ryan and I have decided we are going to be homeschooling Aiden. Ryan and his sister was home schooled and we both feel like its the best thing for US to do. Ok so Aiden is only 2 (going to be 3 next month) and this is the time people start looking into pre-k. So I am looking for things that I can use as part of mu home school. Such as wall art, work books and painting stuff. Well we go a big art set. First Impressions kids art set has some many things in it from, colored pencils, markers, oil pastels, watercolor paint and pant brush, a pencil sharpener and a vinyl eraser!

Your Maternity Wardrobe: The Dos and Don’ts

Your Maternity Wardrobe: The Dos and Don’ts During pregnancy, finding the right clothes can be a difficult task. You’ll probably want to achieve a balance of style and comfort in a range of outfits – for both daytime and evening-wear. Plus your changing body shape is likely to push your regular clothes out of the equation. When the time comes to assemble your maternity wardrobe, there will probably be a lot of things to take into account. Here are some simple dos and don’ts to give you a helping hand.
Dos Wear Maxi Dresses and Maxi Skirts Throughout your pregnancy, maxi dresses and skirts are some of the most versatile items you’ll have in your wardrobe as their lose-fitting fabric makes them ideal for a changing body shape. Adding a couple of accessories will also transform the maxi dress from a comfy day-wear item to a glamorous evening piece. Image: Liberty Gown (Blackberry) from Tiffany Rose. £249.00.

Dr. Sharp Natural Oral Care for kids

When I was younger my parents alway took me to the dentist every 6 months. They wanted to instill in us a good dental hygean. Becasue of this I had very few (like 3) cavities in my whole life! Now that I have two small kids I want to do the same for them. Aiden has had some dental work due to him falling and chipping his teeth really bad. But still he has no cavities. While I will be the first to tells you that we get lazy at times and don't brush every day. We do try every hard to remember. It helps to have a good toothpaste along with a good routine.

Pink Blush Maternity dress review and giveaway 11/3

Its fashion time on here. I am trying to branch out a little and talk about things that can make moms look and feel beautiful. If you have been reading my blog posts (and I hope you have), you will remember me saying that I want to take 15 mins a day for me. Well I did my hair and love it but now I need something to wear to make me look good to. How about some trendy Maternity cloths? I know your about to ask me if I am pregnant again, and no I am not! But Pink Blush Maternity makes some really cute cloths, and nursing stuff too! I pick out this really cute Black Maxi Nursing Dress.

freeze it hair, hair care product review

I gave up curling my hair a long time ago. Because it never curls and mean NEVER. Or when it does I have to use so much hair spray just to get it to hold for an hour or two. But a week ago that all changed. I got this new producted called Freeze IT Hair  I came with a 12-in-one hair serum to use before you blow dry or curl it, a shine, and two types of hair spray. So I gave it a try. I showed and used the serum before blow drying. Then I strayed a little of the Surf Spray, and stared to curl it. After it was curled I used the Illuminator Instant Shine and Finishing Spray. This is what my hair looked like after.

Doc Mcstuffin coat and bag combo

I can't believe how quickly Halloween is coming up. My daughter wants to be Doc. Mcstuffin's for Halloween. I have seen some costumes in the store, but they are either too small or look cheaply made. So I decided to search for items to make my own costume for her.

Zeenie Dollz

Most girls love dolls. So I was happy when I got the chance to review Zeenie Dollz for my daughter.

Thomas Thermos from Outdoors R Us

My son loves all things related to trains, cars, and airplanes. He also has been stealing  my daughters tinkerbell thermos bottle to use. So when I had a chance to review another bottle from Outdoors R Us we were excited.

Holiday Food and Gift Festival in Denver CO

Hey Colorado readers here is a great event coming up in Denver and Colorado Springs. I am so excited to be going there! To find out more click on the link under the picture.

The 27th Annual Holiday Food & Gift Festival returns to Denver November 1, 2 & 3rd at the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver. This festival is the largest holiday celebration in the Midwest drawing some 30,000 attendees annually who happily complete their holiday shopping early. With over 500 exhibitors the festival will provide shoppers with one-of-a-kind gifts that cannot be found anywhere else. Featuring art, crafts, jewelry, clothing, wood, music, photography, toys, Christmas décor, and much more makes this a gift buyers delight. There is a large gourmet food area where you can sample and purchase a wide range of food items including toffee, tea, chocolates, pasta, soups, dips, meats, coffee, jams, shortbread, chili, sauces and many more delights! 
Santa Claus m…

I need to make a change

Ever watch that movie "Matilda"? There is a line in there at the beginning where it says something like... "by the time Matilda was 5 she learn what most 30 year olds have, how to take care of herself" OK I know that's not word for word but you get the point. Yesterday as I was doing my hair for a product review, I thought about how I am 27 and I DON'T really take care of myself. Most days, ok almost every day I am just sitting on the couch in my pjs watching the kids play, and or blogging. 

My Pinterest Nailed it moment

Ok its a bad day! I found this cook treat from hungry happenings and I did everything right, it went it right. But it came out like this.... sigh! Maybe next time I will add more Oreos for the crust. I am sure hers came out fine.

When it went it
And when it came out
What it should look like

fruit candy corn, DIY

This one is simple and easy, all you need is pineapple, oranges and whip cream. I used can pineapples and mandarin oranges. 

Big Fish Mobile games, and a $25 GC to iTunes #giveaway

Love Big Fish Games? I know I do, I love Plants vs Zombies. But sometimes it can be hard to get onto my computer and play. Well now you don't need to worry about that anymore because Big Fish Games has a ton of mobile games. There are over 300 games along just for the iPad. There are even some that you don't have to buy! If you want to check out some of the games they have for the iPad just head over to Big Fish Games, iPad.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Pear Tree, Halloween cards and stationery

Just a few weeks now untill Halloween, are you ready? Are you having a party? Need some cute and fun invations? You should try Pear Tree Greetings. They have a ton of cute cards and stationery you can pick from for Halloween. They are also made from 100% recycled material so you know your helping going green with them. With Pear Tree you can customizing your cards to show off how fun Halloween was. This is great if you have family out of town that has been nagging you for a updated photo like mine has!

Tips for new parents how to get compatible to your kids

Tips for new parents how to get compatible to your kids Becoming a new parent is often a daunting experience especially for the mothers. Regardless of the spectrum of life you belong, it is often considered as an important experience in the entire life. If you are among the new parents, you would require some tips and tricks to get compatible with your baby. After loads of excitement and labor you have the child and hence the baby remains the most priceless thing for you. Once you reach home from the hospital you soon realize that you have no idea of handling your kid. Knowing the art of dealing your baby would help in making compatible with your kid. The following are some of the ways in which you can slowly and steadily make yourself compatible with your child. Let’s check them out:

I See Me books, puzzles and more. Giveaway

Kids love to see their names on things. It not only helps to know that it is their name, it helps them read and learn letters. I See Me makes personalized children's books, and now puzzles. This is great gift for kids from birth to 12 years old. We got Aiden a puzzle, he is getting older and I want him to learn how to put it together.

Witches brooms, DIY

OK I know I have not posted anything for Halloween the last few days and here is why.... We had to pay our morage so I did not have a lot left over to buy stuff, and two my car tags are expored so I can't drive to go get stuff. However on Thurday that will change. But we did make some other kinds of witches brooms. All I did was use the left over prezzles and cheese sticks. 

Holiday Gift Guide, looking to work with you

Christmas is coming up and fast. Would you like to be featured on Mummy Knows Reviews Holiday Gift Guide this year? Its is a great way to get your company and products seen by many people. Our gift guide is going to be for everyone in the family not just babies.

Every post will be promoted on Mummy Knows Reviews social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.
This Holiday Gift Guide event will be held from November 23 till December 7th.

There are a few way that you can join:

Review Only- I require a full size products. You will then get a review post that includes 2-3 pictures as well as text link. All opinion will be honest and my own. Products will not be returned.

Giveaway Only- The product must be shipped right to the winner. If you want to know more about the giveaway only, please email me. The price for me to do a giveaway only is $20.

Review & Giveaway- You get the best of both worlds here. I will still require a full size product to review, and I will h…

Put Me in the Story, kids book review

Aiden is about to be 3 next month, and so we have been reading to a lot more. We want him to not only learn how to read but to have a love for readying. What a better way to get kids to love books when they are in a book. Are you not sure what I am talking about? There is this website called Put Me in the Story, where they do just that. They take your childs name and puts them into the story. Aiden loves Elmo so we got a book made called "Aiden, Elmo loves you!" I even put a picture of Aiden and I in it. So when he opens his book he sees himself and his name.

Betty Crocker's first birthday smash cakes

Well it might be a few months away still for Logan's birthday but we are going to be doing two for him. My parents live out of state and I am so excited to have my mom coming down for Thanksgiving. During that time not only is Aiden turning 3 but we are going to have a party for Logan's first while she is here. We are hopping to do a Cake Smashing pictures. We tried to do that with Aiden but he HATES to get messy, still does. So he would not touch the cake! I can't find any pictures of it but I do have a video of it you can watch at the bottom. Now then with that being said Betty Crocker has some great cake ideas for the First Birthdays Smash Cakes.

Here are a few of the ones that I like the most!

No. 1 Cutout Cake– This little cake says, “I’m one!” in a big way. Add your own twist to the toppings, including bits of fruit, crackers, sprinkles, cereal and more. 

Sprinkles Smash CakeTransform baby’s favorite toy into an edible creation. All you need is a No. 1 cut-out templat…

Eterna Stainless Steel Earth Pan by Ozeri review

I love that my husband loves to cook. Ok I like to try and think I can cook, but really he is the master mind in the kitchen. So we are always in need to new pots and pans. And not just any pots and pans, we need ones that are non-stick, stong and works well. I am very happy to say that Ryan has found a pan that he is so in love with, that he cooks on it 2 times every day! Becasue Ryan is getting into bodybuliding he has to eat a lot, so he needs to cook a lot. Every night when he get home from the gym he cooks some egg whites but hates our pans because they sick or are too big or too small. Its like he finds a reason to hate them. So when I got the new Eterna Stainless Steel Earth Pan by Ozeri he was not sure of it.

Spider pizza, DIY

OK so I did not make the dough or the sause. But it still truned out great! I bought a pizza dough, molded it into small kid size pizza. Then added the pizza sause, and used the string cheese and black olives. Cut or peal the string cheese into strips, the cut the olives in half and then cut one of the halfs into legs. Not to hard and kids love pizza!

Teeth whitening, with Smile Sciences

If you teeth are anything like mine, they are not the strighest nor the whitest out there. I have always hated my smile, and I am glad to say that next year I am going to get braces. But what do I do for the holidays coming up? You know the million of pictures that are going to be taken. I don't want to worry about my teeth being yellow on top of them being crooked. I am sure most of you know about the name brand teeth whitening strips out there. I have tried them, and really I don't care for them. Beacuse it all goes back to my crooked teeth. The stipes I feel are more ment for people who have straighter teeth beacuse the stipes don't fit to well around the crooked teeth. So what do I do? Well you use Smile Sciences! This is a teeth whitening pen.

KIND helps out Breast Cancer, see how you can help too

A few days back I had posed about KIND helping out with breast cancer this month. Well here is a little more info on it. If you still want to know more make sure you CLICK HERE to see the other post.
If you are not sure who KIND is, well they make all kinds of healthy bars. From Madagascar Vanilla Almond, Almond & Apricot and even chcoclate ones! I love them. They are a great bar to put in you bag for when you are out and need a treat.

KIND Healthy Snacks has teamed up with Dr. Elizabeth Thompson, radiation oncologist and founder of BFFL Co to offer a limited-edition BreastBFFL Bag for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The limited edition Breast BFFLBag contains all the essential items a women needs during the first days following breast cancer surgery including KIND bars, a toiletries kit, amusement pack, skinceuticals, comfort pillow, drainage pack, collapsible water bottle, and expandable folder for important paperwork.

For every bag sold in October, KIND will donate an extra $5 to F…