I need to make a change

Ever watch that movie "Matilda"? There is a line in there at the beginning where it says something like... "by the time Matilda was 5 she learn what most 30 year olds have, how to take care of herself" OK I know that's not word for word but you get the point. Yesterday as I was doing my hair for a product review, I thought about how I am 27 and I DON'T really take care of myself. Most days, ok almost every day I am just sitting on the couch in my pjs watching the kids play, and or blogging. 

Growing up I was the only girl, and mom my never did makeup so I never learned how to do that. And my dad was the cook, while he was grewat most of the time he just made things up as he went. So I never learned how to cook things. But then I think about my sister in law April who was also the only girl and her mom did not do a lot of makeup ether. And she also thought heself how to cook. So why couldn't I. Then I thought about a girl I know that went to church with me, she was always made up and I never took the time to get to know her. ( I thought she would be stuck up) But now I am getting to know her more and she is sweet. Anyhow point with her is she has two kids about my kids age and she still finds time to take care of herself.


Yesterday as I was working on myself for the review, I felt beautiful for the first time in a long time. And the kids.... well they where having fun playing in the play room where I could see them. So after that I have decited while this is still a mommy blog and Heather does blog also about kids, when not have me start blogging more about ME/MOM stuff. Thinks that I have does to help me look and feel beautiful so you can too.

Its time to take back us and spend 10 or 15 mins a day on us!


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