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Summer Dreams, Jackpot Candle giveaway #JackpotCandles

Welcome to the Summer Dreams Giveaway & Blog Hop! Hosted by Michigan Saving and More I have teamed up with some of the best bloggers online to share these giveaways with our readers. Be sure to hop around to the participating blogs and enter some fabulous giveaways! Also, make sure to enter the Grand Prize Giveaway which features 3 winners and over $500 retail value! Michigan Saving and More or any Summer Dreams Giveaway Hop Bloggers are not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill their prize obligations.

And here is what I am offering as a giveaway: Winners choice of what candle they want from Jackpot Candles

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Wet 'n' Wild fun in AZ

Heather and I took our kids to Wet 'n' Wild last week. If you have not see her post make sure you check it out HERE. Here is what I thought of the place... Well to start out we only took Aiden he is 40 ins and could be able to get on some rides. When you first get there it is $8 to park, and if you want to get a locker its going to start at $6 but its all day use. They do let you bring in unopened water. We got a medium size locker for $10 and it was really big. We also where hunger by the time we got there. So we ordered their chili cheese fries, and their hamburger. Oh man it was so good we tired not to over stuff our self before we got into rides. Now Aiden makes me laugh. He had been asking for days when we where going and once we got there he did not want to get WET?!

Banana Toothbrush #review great for any teething baby #Bananatoothbrush

At what age should you start brushing your babies teeth? Maybe when they have teeth? But what about the gums? Most babies start getting solids even before they have teeth. I think it is never to early to start brushing the gums. But you always want to use something soft and make it fun for baby. So how about this really cute banana brush?

4th of July kids #DIY shirts

Here is yet another great and easy thing to do this weekend to get ready for the 4th of July. Oh and I got everything I needed at Walmart! 

This is a cute fun one that kids of any age can do. This is one my little 4 month old Noah did.
Here is what you are going to need. White shirts that will fit you or whoever its going to be for. Red and Blue fabric paint. And a card board box.

Pacifier & Baby Bottle Nipple UV Sanitizer #BinklyFresh #review

This is my first baby who would take a binky so this has really been a new experience for me. You know the, he just spit his binky on the floor and really wants it back. But it is covered in germs and I am not sure if I should or shouldn't just pop it back into my babies mouth. Binky Fresh is a great way to solve that problem. You always want to kinda wash/wipe it off to make sure there is no hair or dirt on it but then you can just just Binky Fresh. So what is Binky Fresh?

Wedding Dance Mastery System, 5 DVD Set #weddingdance

Are you getting married anytime soon? Are you going to have a traditional wedding dance? Do you know how to dance? Yes I know I am asking a ton of questions but I wish I did more at my wedding then the waddle back and forth dance. Even with my dad. But I really don't have a ton of money to take dancing classes. Well what if you had a DVD where you could learn not only how to do the waltz, but the foxtrot and swing? Oh and because it is a DVD you can learn it at home on your terms? Would you get it? I sure would have. Now you can lean from Wedding Dance Mastery System, 5 DVD Set.

Blogger Opp~ Summer Dreams Giveaway & BlogHop

HOSTED BY: MICHIGAN SAVING AND MORE I will need promoters, co hosts, and blogs with their own giveaway(s) to attached to this. All giveaways must run the entire time July 1 - 31. Each prize must be a minimum of $20 rv. I will have the grand prize and need help with promoting and cohosts for that. Sign Ups Close 6/28 ALL LINKS TO HOP GIVEAWAYS ARE ALSO DUE 6/28 Giveaway Dates: 7/1 12AM EST through 7/31 11:59pm EST SPONSORS ALWAYS NEEDEDCAN SIGN UP HERE FOR THIS ONE OR ANY OF MY GIVEAWAYS or can email me at las93063 at gmail dot com All bloggers will receive 1 free link for posting and promoting giveaway and 1 for posting and promoting bloggersopp, HERE. Please share this on your social media! Please join my facebook group just for Bloggers: HERE I will post the html in the facebook group when I email it out. If you do not receive by 6/30 check the group. Choice for free links: FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM Co-hosts are $15 for the free links plus 5 more links of choice, Co h…

Andre Lorent Cellulite Cream review #andrelorent

As a mom of three I can say we all have parts on our body that we don't really like. They can be anything from bumps to stretch marks to cellulite, and there are so many products out there that clam to really help. But there is only one way to know for sure that that is to try it out. Well thanks to Andre Lorent Cellulite Cream I got to try it out. Before I go into if I like it or not let me let you a little about the product.
First of all this work great for not just cellulite but bumps and dimples in the skin too. You just run it in where you want it twice a day. It also firms and tighten the skin immediately after uses. Ok really now I tried it and it felt nice and good on my skin, I did not feel it "tightening" per say. But my skin felt soft and nice. I have been using it for a few days on the back of my legs and it feels nice. I am wait to really try it on my belly only because I am still using the wraps for one more week.
I can't wait to use it on other parts o…

Fun things to do in AZ, Wet 'n' Wild water park

Are you looking for fun things to do over the summer? Of course getting wet is high on the list of fun. I have heard many great things about Wet N Wild.  So I was excited to get a chance to visit there with my kids. We went on Saturday June 20th. I was a little worried that it would be super crowded. It was a Saturday, the day before Father's Day, and I found out that they had a Boy Scout day plus some company picnics. To my surprise it wasn't too bad. On occasion some attractions seemed busy, but overall it wasn't too crowded.

I brought my 2 kids ages 7 and almost 5 along with me. We also met up with their Aunt/Uncle and cousin.  I would suggest having meet up times if you are going to separate from your group.  It is otherwise hard to find your friends/family after separating. We started our day at Boogie Board Beach.  This was a multi-level complex with a variety of slides. Some under 8 feet and some bigger than 8 feet. Emarose and Jerom had a blast going down the sm…

Protuct your credit cards with RFID blocking sleeves #BLOCKIT

Have you seen some of the new credit cards that has that RFID Chip? You know the chip so all you have to do is tap your card and go? Well I guess there will always be bad guys out there who will go to any length to steal peoples money, because they have a device where all they have to do is walk by your bag scan the thing and BOOM money is GONE! So what can you do to protect yourself? How about a cute and easy way from RFID blocking sleeves

Amazon fire phone giveaway ending soon! 6/25

Hey don't forget to head on over and enter to win an Amazon Fire Phone before it is to late. Just Click HERE

Oreo Mini-Cheesecakes cupcakes #KitchenZest

I am not really a big cheesecake fan... that is if it is plain. I have made two really good cheesecakes; a Oreo mini cheesecake and a butterscotch cheesecake. I will do the butterscotch one next month when I have to make it again. First thing you will need to do is get a cupcake tin and line with with cupcake paper, then put one oreo in per cupcake. This recipe with make 24 cupcakes.

National Potty Training Awareness Month #giveaway

We're celebrating National Potty Training Awareness Month in June with a fun Potty Party Caption This Contest co-hosted by pee-kaboo potty, BabyBjörn, Rockin' Green, and PeapodMats! What better way to help out parents through the potty training experience? We have some amazing prizes for you to check out and you can enter the contest by submitting your caption to the photo down below!
ONE LUCKY WINNER will receive all the prizes!Open to U.S. residents only, ages 18 years or older.Everyone who enters the giveaway will receive something special after the giveaway as a thank you.The giveaway will run through June 30th, 11:59 PM, EDT.Entering is easy and can be done below via the Rafflecopter BELOW. Below the entry widget are all the prizes! Check them out! We also encourage you to check out our sponsors who have amazing blogs you should follow.
Contest Photo: Submit your creative caption for this photo in the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win big!
REMEMBER….the more point…

EMAB word of the day

Sunday: MAMA Monday: BABY Tuesday: BREASTFEEDING  Wednesdays: BIRTH Thursday: NATURAL Friday: ANGEL Saturday: ORGANIC

Earth Mama Angel MilkMaid tea and Natural Nipple Butter review and #giveaway 7/3

When I had my first son I had a ton of problems with my milk supply. Little did I know then it was thyroid problem. But I had to think of something to help boost my supply that way I would not have to supplement with formula. That was when I won my first giveaway... and it so happened to be Earth Mama Angel Baby and the MilkMaid Tea. So I looked more into what/who EMAB was and I found some great things!

Inside Out in theaters now

One fun way to spend time with my kids is to go to the movies. I had the opportunity to take my kids and a friend to see the movie Inside Out.

Deliciously Savvy's Health & Beauty Giveaway

Deliciously Savvy's Health & Beauty GiveawayDeliciously Savvy is hosting another giveaway for 1 Lucky Winner to win all of the Health & Beauty Items ($296ARV) Listed Below! Hosted By ~ Deliciously Savvy Co-Hosted By: Happily Ever Rushed ~ Kaisy Daisy's Corner ~ My Silly Little Gang ~ Michigan Saving and More ~ Heartbeats ~ Soul Stains ~ Joyful Gifts By Julie ~ IMHO Views, Reviews and Giveaways ~ Oh My Heartsie Girl PLUS a Big Thank You to All. Bloggers Promoting This Amazing Giveaway! Thank You! A BIG Thank You To The Sponsors Listed Below! Prizes Up For Grabs So Far For 1 LUCKY Winner:Gurin Professional Rechargeable Water Flosser ($90 ARV) Tosca Style Hair Products ($17 ARV) OSIS+ Upload Lifting Volume Cream ($21.50 ARV) Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue ($22 ARV) 3 Moisture Therapy Products from Avon with Julie Tucker ($18 arv) MelodySusie® Professional Portable Detangling Hair Brush Wet Brush with a Mirror ($24 ARV) Infuser Water Bottle Sport by AQUADELIGHT ($14 A…

Picnic Blanket review #praticopicnic

I love going for a picnic. But I hate the feel of AZ grass. So I am always having to bring a blanket or a towel. But if the ground is wet then the blanket or towel does not do a whole lot. So you or I in this case am going to need to get a good Picnic Blanket. Pratico Outdoors has an extra large picnic blanket that is also waterproof on the bottom. It is 60x80in but don't worry it also fold up making it a LOT easier to carry around.

Blue baby car seat cover from bonfide #babycarseatcovers

I love car seat cover, they really are good just about any time of the year. It is going to be 113' all week so whenever we go out I want to make sure my little boy is covered and not getting beat by the sun. And during the winter time its a good way to keep the baby warm. I love the car seat cover from bonafide baby oh and it also come with a stroller clip (to hang your diaper bag on).

(24 Pack) Essential Oil Bottles #AmberBottlesAromatherapy24pk

Lots of people are starting to sell essential oils now. But one thing I have found out is even though you get the oils you have to buy the little sample bottles separate. So where do you buy them from? I have found a place that sells a pack of 25 amber essential oil bottles. They come in 1ml and 2 ml bottles. They also come with the clear caps.

I started "selling oils". I say that because I really did it so I can get them at a good deal. But I have used my amber essential oil bottles to make mixes for my family. Cornucopia Brands sells all things you might need to help sell your oils. So if you need some oil bottles make sure you come get your 25 pack!