Blue baby car seat cover from bonfide #babycarseatcovers

I love car seat cover, they really are good just about any time of the year. It is going to be 113' all week so whenever we go out I want to make sure my little boy is covered and not getting beat by the sun. And during the winter time its a good way to keep the baby warm. I love the car seat cover from bonafide baby oh and it also come with a stroller clip (to hang your diaper bag on).

Because I have a little boy I got the cute blue strapped one, and under it is a really soft blue polyester. You could even use this as a blanket it is so soft. The cover is also machine washable, and lets face it with kids you know its going to get messy! 

I love mine, the color is really nice and vibrant. The fabric is soft and strong. It works great for us.

Bonafide baby makes a great gift for any new mom. Not having a boy? That is ok they sell them in Pink and Grey. 


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