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Miche cyber weekend, get up to 75% off

Miche has some great cyber weekend deals. Get them now before it is to late!!! Just ask Katherine Rogers!

Air-o-Swiss 7142 humidifiers

Last time we where all sick I tried to get our humidifier to work. Its not really hard you just fill it up and plug it in right? Oh man was I wrong, well ok yes it was that easy but it never turned on. There was nothing more annoying that knowing the one thing that could really have helped did not work. So I'm ever so grateful that this time around when we all got sick, (thanks to my husband) that we were able to get a humidifier that actually works. Its called the Air-o-Swiss 7142 humidifiers

Disney Frozen Hits Theaters

Are you looking for something fun to do with your kids? Monday night my husband and I took our daughter to see Disney's Frozen. Frozen is a 3D Disney movie which opens in theaters on Nov. 27th.

Lovable Labels Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals


National Geographic kids books

I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meets program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meets blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC. or the manufacturer of the product.

I remember as a kid I used to always look at the National Geographic stuff, not that I could read it but I thought it was so cool. Then when I got older I called it Nat Geo. Now they have some great books made just for kids. The book retail anywhere between $3.99 to $40.00 depending on what you get. So the books are meant for kids 4 and up but Aiden (who just turned 3) loves to look and them.

bob and larry's abc's book giveaway

Well Aiden just had his 3rd birthday on Sat! He already knows how to sing most of his ABC and can count to 10! So now we are working harder on his ABCs. And of course there is an app for that. How about Bob and Larry's ABC's book app for iPads! And not just any Bob and Larry but the guys from VeggieTales. Aiden had loved VeggieTales for awhile now. That maybe because he loves the opening song.

Holiday Gift Guide: Miche bags

Do you love Miche? I know I do, in fact I am thinking of getting the Demi. I have the big one now but I think the next size smaller would work great for me. Do you know what Miche is? Miche is a bag that you can change the shell on without having to take everything out of your bag. So you start by picking out what size of bag you want then you pick out the shells for them. Every month they come out with a new shell too. Best part is right now you can get a bag, pick 2 shells and get 2 surprise shells all for $100. I know some of you might think that $100 is a lot but your getting 5 bags for the most part!

If you want to see what they have new and want to buy them head over to see Katherine Rogers. I met her at the Denver Holiday event. She is a great lady and she would love to work with you!

Holiday Gift Guide giveaway part 2!

Holiday gift guide part two. We had so many things to giveaway we had to do two!

Kids Food Jar from Outdoors R Us. Read review

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Holiday Gift guide: Mother's Therapy Organics

With everyone being sick this time of year I make sure that I have hand santizer with me. But really I hate and I mean HATE hand sanitizer. Because it always leaves my hands sticky and smelling gross. Ok sure it kills 99% germs but does it really have to smell like nasty chemicals? So when Mother's Therapy Organics asked me to review their hand sanitizer and lotion I was worried I would feel the same. Well lets just say it smelt so good I wanted to eat my hand!

List of best positive parenting skills which works forever

List of best positive parenting skills which works forever Every parent wants to give their best to their child. Positive parenting acts as a system for shaping your child’s behavior and builds self esteem, rather than focusing on punishment. Parents who wish to acquire positive parenting skills should first consider their own behavior before they start parenting their child. When you develop these skills you will soon realize that you feel less tensed about your children.  Positive parenting skills will definitely lead you on the right path, but don’t expect perfection that doesn't exist. Following are the best positive parenting skills which works forever

Ageless Derma Camoufleur Concealer

We always want to look and feel ageless. OK sure I am still young but that does not mean that I don't still have things I want to cover up. This time of the year my mother in law takes a ton and I mean a TON of pictures. So every time we have a get togher I always have to make sure that I have my makeup on. But at time I get that wonderful breakout :/

Holiday Gift Guide: Lakeshore learning Add it Up Archery Set

You may recall I have a love for anything educational. So Lakeshore learning is a store that I love.  I knew I wanted to include them as part of our Holiday Guide.

I choose the Add it up Archery Set for my 6 year old daughter. I knew she would enjoy it.

Whistlefritz LLC makes Spanish learning a breeze

Living in AZ, Spanish is a popular language. I have heard many facts about the benefits of learning languages young and want to give my kids a head start. My son's preschool does Spanish 1 day a week, but I wanted more for him. I also wanted his older sister to be exposed.

Babi-Kini Swimwear

You may think I'm crazy for reviewing swimwear when it is almost December, Why would I be posting about swimwear? One reason is that my kids enjoy swimming no matter what the season. In fact, I just went to an indoor swimming pool with my kids a couple weeks ago. We have a few indoor swimming schools around that offer year round swimming. Plus it never hurts to think ahead for next year.

I received the Partay one piece in size XL (5-6 years) from Babi Kini

Dealing with Headlice: Robicomb

Last year we dealt with Head lice at least twice during the school year. It was a pain to try and determine if we had any lice or if it was just dandruff. When it was determined that we had lice, it was very difficult to do the shampoo and then try and comb out all the little bugs and nits.

Holiday Gift Guide: Mike the Knight Mike's Christmas Surprise!

My kids love watching "Shows" on T.V. So when I found out about a Special Christmas Mike the Knight, I knew my kids would love it.

Holiday Gift Guide: Thomas & Friends King of the Railway The Movie

My 3 year old son loves Trains and especially Thomas the train. Of course that meant, Thomas the Train would be part of our holidays.

 Our family was pleased to receive the movie: Thomas & Friends King of the Railway The Movie.

Holiday Gift Guide: Outdoors R Us Food Jars

I have worked with Outdoors R Us on previous occasions. Both my kids love the Thermos bottles that we received from them. So when I was looking for holiday ideas, I knew I wanted to work with them again.

Holiday Gift Guide: Happy Family review

When you start to feed your little one baby food for the first time I am sure if your anything like me, you want to give them the best. There are many different kind of baby food out there. One that I have found that we always like has been the Happy Family brands. This is not just because they make baby food that is organic but if you have ever been to their website they give you a ton of nutritional information, from baby to grown up.

Snap Learning

I love finding things that make education easy and fun. I am pleased to have found Snap Learning.

Holiday Gift Guide giveaway and more to come

Hey guys I just wanted to make sure that I got the giveaway up and live. I will be having more giveaways and more reviews in the next few days. Please bear with me, Aiden's 3rd birthday is in the morning and this week went by just to fast. I will get on later tonight or in the morning and add some link and pictures to things you can win. But until then make sure you enter anyhow!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fairy Tale High Dolls

My daughter loves to play with dolls. So I was pleased when I received Fairy Tale High dolls for her.

Holiday Gift Guide: Kidecals

I love personalized labels. They are great this time of year. You could make some fun hot coco in a jar or the cake mixes in a jar then use some personalized labels from Kidecals and give them out for Christmas. I ended up picking a cute Christmas Tree one that I can stick on just about anything. In fact my mom is up and and I made her this cute "Let it Snow" plate and stuck this to the back of it.

Wantables makeup box

Almost all women want to try some new makeup, well at least I know I do. I never learned how to do my makeup as a child. My mom almost never wore any makeup herself so everything I have learned I have learned in the last few years. But I always buy the cheap stuff because I am, well cheap really! But I got a chance to review this makeup box, well its more then just a makeup box. Wantable is a site where you find the perfect box of makeup, or accessories, intimates, and right now some holiday stuff. Want to know whats in each box? Well I can't tell you that, because I don't even know. Once you head over to the site they will ask you what you kind of box you want. Then you will be asked some really simple questions.

Glow Bug Cloth Diaper

I used cloth diapers on my kids for a variety of reasons. I like cloth because they can be reused and are cheaper in the long run. They are good for the environment. Plus they are cute.

Raccoon Rumpus

I love spending quality time with my kids. One way that I do that is with games. So I was pleased that Educational Insights sent me the game Raccoon Rumpus to review.

Halloween Pictures

I can't believe it's been so long since Halloween. My how time flies. Here are my kids in their costumes.
They had a blast Trick or treating and Holiday events and parties. In fact, they even played "Trick or Treat" at home by getting their candy buckets and knocking on the  bedroom door. Then saying "Trick or Treat" to me and then I'd put a candy in their buckets. They also each took a turn pretending to pass out candy. Lots of fun.

RSV, how to protect your little ones #RSVAwareness

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting #MC for MedImmune. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”

I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was a first time mom of a little baby boy, he was going to be three months in four days. He woke every two seconds having a hard time breathing. I tried to suck his nose out with the nose sucky thing (that what we call that blue nose ball thing) with nothing coming out. I was up all night with him that night making sure that he could breath. The next morning he started to have a small cough. I was so lost as what to do and what was wrong with him. Part of me did not want to take him to the hospital because he had already spent a week (the first week he was born) in there. I also felt like there where going to blow me off.

When Aiden was born

Thor: The Dark World

Friday was opening day for the movie Thor: The Dark World.  My husband and I were able to see this movie at a Screening in 3d.

Moms, Win a day off from Purex

Here is yet another great giveaway from Purex. Moms win a day off! To find out more head over to their facebook page and also enter to win Click HERE TO WIN

Workout with MASH Up Conditioning

I am the worlds laziest mom! Ok there I said it! Now what do I do about it? I get over myself, get off the couch and workout! I have been putting this review off because I have been plum lazy! I knew the only way to really do this review is to get off the couch and work out. I know I have said on here many times that I am going to start working out. Well I have not really done much. I can't expect to lose weight and feel better if I don't get up and try. So Tuesday I did it, I got up and put the MASH up Conditioning workout on. And oh boy did I get my BUTT KICKED!!!

Do You Need To Monitor Your Kid’s Smartphone?

Image credit: It has become a harsh reality of today’s world that kids feel unsecure and lonely without their smart phones and tablet devices. In past, the situationwas so simple and parents did not need to take extra tension regardingtheir kids because at that time mobile phone usage was not as much as it seems now-a-day.Parents have only concern with their kids school work.

Help your kids learn to read with Children Learning Reading

I think it is never to early to start teaching your kids to read. Sure they might not know what they are looking at or what it means. But I feel if you start reading to your kids while they are young they will have love for reading when they are older. We have been working with Aiden the last month on following along with his finger. This way he can see the word and hear it. We are hoping that he will start to see that this sounds means that word. We have also been working with three letter words such as; cat, bat, rat, mat, hat, kit, and so on. Because we are going to be homeschooling I am always looking for programs that will help me. Children Learning Reading is a great program we have been using for a few weeks now.

BreakPal review and giveaway

Sometimes I feel like I am a bump on the log. I sit on the couch, watch the kids and blog. I always want to lose weight but I am not doing anything that helps me. Most days I don't feel very movated to get up and do anything. I just feel like with all the cleaning I do I don't want to even think about workingout. I needed something to get me up and moving, even if it is just a little every hour so do. BreakPal has helped me do that. BreakPal is an app you can use on your computer or you iPhone/iPad that shows you little workout you can do.... at work. Ever sit at a computer desk to long? Your back start to hurts, your neck and all you can think about is getting up and stretch? I know I do.

DayLight Saving times, #PampersSleepChat

It is that time of year again, time to set your clockes back and get one more hour of sleep. That is unless you have kids then they get get up and hour early! When I lived in Arizona I never had to worry about that, but now taht I am in CO I have to make some changes. My boys are 2 (almost 3) and 10 months. So I would like to keep them on a good sleep pattern. Not only that but I also don't want to wake up my kids up every few hours to see if they need a diaper change. Becasue of this I am so excited to be working with Pampers and Kim West on sleep tips for daylight saving time.

Shoulder Buddies

Are you looking for something unique for your kids. Shoulder buddies are a unique collectible toy for kids.

Guy's Grocery Games

I am so excited to share this with you all. I have not seen this yet but I love Guy! I would love to just go see this live! But for all you people living in CO this one is for you!
Guy’s Grocery Games Challenge to take place in Denver! Put Your Grocery Games Knowledge and Strategy to the Test as Seen on Food Network’s New Series “Guy’s Grocery Games”
Series Airs on Sunday’s at 8pm ET/PT, 7pm CT on Food Network
LONE TREE, CO – 11/1 – Local contestants are being served up a challenge in celebration of Food Network’s new supermarket-themed cooking competition, Guy’s Grocery Games, hosted by best-selling cookbook author and successful restaurateur Guy Fieri. The show, which premiered on Sunday, October 20th and will continue to air on Sundays at 8pm ET/PT and 7pm CT, is set in a grocery store where four talented chefs compete against each other through three cooking challenges, as they must navigate their way through the aisles adhering to a number of “real-world” culinary challenges to crea…

Simple Yet Practical Ways To Avoid Getting Kidney Related Issues

If you care about your health, then you probably want to take active steps towards getting into the best health of your life. Most people want to ensure that they avoid getting a disease such as diabetes or alzheimer’s while at the same time promoting great heart health. However I want to ask you, when was the last time you actually thought about the condition of your kidneys? Well, if you can’t seem to answer this question then perhaps it’s time that you start paying them more attention. Your kidneys are quite literally one of the most important organs in your body, and one of the reasons is that they are responsible for filtering out about 200 quarts of blood each and every day. On top of this they are also responsible for ensuring that about 2 quarts of excess water and waste products are filtered, and the remaining waste goes onto actually become urine. Another important job that your kidneys have is to produce some hormones which actually regulate all the chemicals that are …

Theo DVD for family home evenings

Every Monday night we get together as a family and have Family Home Evening (FHE). My parents did this with us for awhile and I want to do it with our kids. It is something that our church does. One day a week we set aside for the family to come together and learn the teaching of Christ. With both Aiden and Logan being so young it can be hard to find lessons for them, and have them sit still. This is one reason why I love movies or kid books. I just got this DVD called Theo presents. Theo is a wide range of DVD, books, apps and lessions to teach children about Christ.