Holiday Gift Guide: Happy Family review

When you start to feed your little one baby food for the first time I am sure if your anything like me, you want to give them the best. There are many different kind of baby food out there. One that I have found that we always like has been the Happy Family brands. This is not just because they make baby food that is organic but if you have ever been to their website they give you a ton of nutritional information, from baby to grown up.

Yes Happy Family works with grown ups too! That is "why" they call it "Family" :) Ever had a long day at work, or just been out all day and want to grab something to eat really fast? Well lets see you can have junky (but tasty) fast food or you could grab something like happy squeeze greek yogurt. They are a great on the go snack!

Happy Family also make a great stocking stuffer for younger kids. Logan loves having the pouches he can feed himself, so this would work great for him! Aiden who is a little older would like more of the Happy Puff and finger foods. 

Anyhow for the Holiday Gift Guide here is a list of things that you can win!

Happy Family Package
Happy Family tote bag
Happy Family baby t-shirt
1 Happy Bellies cereal
1 Happy Puffs
1 Happy Yogis
1 Happy Munchies rice cakes
1 box Happy Tot Toddler bars
(2) Happy Baby Stage 1 & 2 pouches
(2) Happy Tot / Tot Plus pouches
(4) Happy Squeeze pouches
Allergy Chart
Additional coupons and Dirty Dozen wallet card


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