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Weight Loss: Best and affordable ways to get Skinny Fast {guest post}

Weight Loss: Best and affordable ways to get Skinny Fast
If someone is tiresome of go down little pounds, don’t begin by trying to refurbish all his intake and workout habits. It will be better off discovery a number of easy things he can execute on an every day basis along with subsequent the fundamental rules of intake extra vegetables and less fat and in receipt of more physical movement. Despite of everything that we take notice of the complexities in reducing weight, it is completely achievable to obtain skinny fast and trouble-free. The major cause behind the failure of skinny is that there is so a lot of propaganda in considering dieting and working out. A large amount of people believe with the purpose of if they obtain extreme stroke in dieting and work out, they will trim down. The knowledge of many people has verified this to be an erroneous belief. Consider it or not, we have enhanced possibilities in receipt of skinnier if we come close to weight loss in a latest restrained w…

Ceramic Laser Engraved Mugs

Its winter time,that means break out your mugs and get your hot coco on!!! I love this time of year, its always great on a nice snowy day to sit there with a warm mug of hot coco or tea and watch the snow fall. However all of the mugs I have are kind of small, and not really special. Not that there is really anything wrong with that, but I love to find big mugs and ones that have cute and fun designs on them. So when Sutter's Mill asked me to review on of their ceramic laser engraved mugs where I could put any design on the mug.... I think they heard me squeek from here.

Christmas flowers from,

Can you believe Christmas is jut two days way??? Are you still looking for a last minute gift? I knows I still have some shopping to do. Think its to late to get your mom, or loved ones flowers? WRONG!!! With you can  get same day delivery on a ton of great Christmas Floral Arrangements.

Watercolour for iPad

Are you an artist? Do you like to paint? Do you think you have no artistic talent, but you want to learn? Then I have the iPad Book for you. Check out the Watercolour education book for ipad.

Celebrate with Signazon

So my in law just moved cross country this last month, and I would not be more excited. This is the first time we have all been together in almost five years. Not only are we getting to spend some Holiday time together but my mother in laws Birthday is on New Year's Eve! So I have been trying to think of some way to make it extra special. That is where steps in and helps out. We got her this huge Birthday banner that we are going to hang up out side her house!

Scared of Santa? {guest post}

Scared of Santa? A mysterious old man sneaking into your house while you’re asleep … for a child who’s old enough to be aware of Christmas for the first time, the concept of a visit from Santa Claus could be a little creepy. How do child psychologists advise handling this subject with your kids? What do you say when your son asks you how the jolly old elf can circumvent your home security system while burglars can’t?

A funny phenomenon … or maybe not

Stork Arriving Blog Event #giveaway

Welcome to the world little Logan. He was born December 10. It was a fast but hard labor. I went in to get induced at 7am, they broke my water at 10:30 and was born at 4:18! He was 8lbs 8oz and 21 incs. As a welcome home we here at Mummy Knows Reviews is doing a stork arriving event. Not only will you get a chance to win some great things but I am also putting up some codes for you to get a discount on some other great products. This giveaway runs from December 18 till the 31st so make sure you enter to win!

Beanie Designs, Stork Arriving event sponsor

With it being winter we all need to get a good hat for our little ones. That way their heads don't get to cold. And with having a new baby this time of the year it is really important that we keep his head warm. But are you tired of the same old one color, not really cute ones? Well Beanie Designs has you covered then. I got this really cute Organic Cotton Ear Hat: Cream bear. However I must have messed up on asking for the size because I got the 6-18 month one. But it ended up working out because Aiden (my now 2 year old) love to wear it!

Little Star Lullabies

I love music. Music plays an important part in my life and can cheer me up when I'm feeling sad. Music can energize me or help me to relax depending on the tone that the music sets. Lullaby music is great for calming and soothing little ones and helping them to relax. They are great for bedtime or just to unwind and let go of the tension caused from the day.

Hotslings, stork arriving event sponsor

Now that Logan is born, and I have a 2 year old who always wants something I am great need of finding a carrier. A few months back Hotslings asked me to review on of their baby carriers. I told them that I would love to but that Aiden was way to big, and wanted to know if they would wait till Logan was born. This way I would really tell you all how it works for me. I am still not 100% sure how I feel about it. This is a one shoulder carrier (so its easy on easy off), but every time I put Logan in it I kind of feel like he's going to fall out. This maybe because he's small and I worry or maybe I am just not putting him in right.

Daddy scrubs, stork arriving event sponsor

I don't know who was more excited to wear the daddy scrubs, my husband or his mom! Ryan went to the hospital in normal cloths and then once thing started to get going he changed into his "I'm the daddy" scrubs. On the front pocket it says "daddy" and of course his mom had to take a ton of photos of that. Then Ryan turned around and on the back in very big letters it says, "I'm the daddy". Oh man I think you all heard Ryan mom squeal in excitement!

Lets Play in Spanish

In the US it is important to learn Spanish. Over 27 million homes in the US have Spanish as their first language. Plus if you can speak spanish you can communicate with over 300 million people worldwide. Research shows that from ages 1-8 is the best time to introduce a new language to a child. They learn faster and retain it longer. Plus the earlier they are exposed to a second language, the more likely they will be able to speak it fluently and with good pronunciation. I received a Let's Play in Spanish kit with 2 sing along dvds, 4 conversational dvds, 2 musical cds, 2 song books, 2 coloring books, a parent guide, and a tucan finger puppet.

Tri-Lounge iPad desk review

Hey all Katie here. I know I know I have not post anything in awhile. Let me tell you my wos. So other then now being 39 weeks and going to give birth tomorrow, Aiden got sick a week in a half ago. Then once he got better of course I got really sick. I ended up with bronchitis (that I still kind of have). So getting this Tri-Lounge lap iPad desk could not have come at a better time. Most of last week I spend ether in bed or on the couch.

Computer Chair (12 days of gifts galore)

My husband has been complaining about his old computer chair for months. So we have been searching to find one that he would like. I found a new one for him at Brylane Home.

I was sent the Extra Wide Mesh Computer Chair to review.

Ninja Blender (12 days of gifts galore)

I have been wanting a new blender for months! The one we had was missing a few pieces (although it still functioned), didn't blend things very well, and just wasn't working for us. I set off on a search for a new blender and found one I loved at Brylane Home.

Just Eyewear (12 days of gifts galore)

A couple months ago I decided it was time to visit the eye doctor. I haven't been in a couple of years (I know I should've gone sooner but just never managed to get it done.) I decided to get contacts, but still needed an updated pair of Glasses to use.

Stainless Steel Cookware (Aiden's Birthday Bash)

To save money, my family tries to eat meals at home. This means that we need decent Pots and Pans to cook the meals. The set we had was at least 7 years old and handles were cracking. I decided it was time to get a new set. One that should last us for awhile.

Yonanas (Aiden's Birthday Bash)

Do you love frozen treats? Want something that is tasty, cold, but good for you? Well I've got just the item for you. Brylane Home sent me the Yonanas Treat Maker to review. I chose this product as part of the birthday bash, because it would be a hit with kids. Who doesn't love Popsicles and ice cream like treats?

ReUsies (12 days of Gifts Galore)

I hate spending money over and over again on things that will just be thrown away. So I hate buying sandwich baggies. Yet of course, need them for a variety of things. Thankfully I found ReUsies. 

Kazam Bike (12 days of Gifts Galore)

Many of you may recall my Educational post about Balance Bikes.  I'm pleased to share with you my thoughts on the Kazam Bike from Balance Bike Shop.

 I had my husband assemble the bike and he was prepared to spend a good portion of the morning assembling the Kazam Bike and the Strider Bike. Lucky for him it didn't take that long to assemble.

Kelly Kits (12 days of Gifts Galore)

I am a busy mom with 2 kids. My kids like to do craft projects on occasion. Sometimes I see some cute projects online that I want to try, but we don't have the stuff. Either that or it looks too complicated and difficult for me to really complete with my 5 and 2 year old.

Kelly Kits is a wonderful solution to my crafting problems. Kelly Kits has an monthly subscription program that delivers art projects with all the needed supplies directly to you. No more starting a craft project and discovering your missing glue, sequins, buttons, etc. to finish it.  I love the fact that the kit comes with what you need to complete the project. It is also nice that you can get a different project each month. I like having the ability to do arts and crafts with my kids without having to spend tons of time looking for projects for them.

Novica gift finder and #giveaway

Hey all, you might remember awhile back I did a review about a company called Novica. NOVICA works with National Geographic to give artisans around the world a place to provide us access to the worlds market. Now they have made their site even easier to use for the holidays. They have a whole page just to help you find gifts. Novica's new gift finder page helps you find very specific item faster.

Bye bye heart burn with PregEase

Why did I not find this sooner!!! If any of you remember way back when, when I was first pregnant I had really bad morning sickness. To the point that I had to get onto zofran just so I could get out of bed. Then about a month or two ago I got really bad heartburn. Well I still have that problem, but the morning sickness is gone. The only relief I had found was from tums. But I hated having to take a tums ever few hours and even then it only helped for a little. So when FairHaven Health emailed me asking me to review a new product called PregEase that helps with both heartburn and morning sickness I jumped on that!

How useful is an Au Pair for my Family {guest post}

How useful is an Au Pair for my Family
An au pair can be very useful for your family, and provides a cost effective alternative to nannies and childcare. Au pairs are particularly worth investigating if you and your partner are working full time, but don’t want to over-rely on childcare services for taking children to and from school, and for providing care when you can’t be at home. It’s important, then, to understand what an aupair does, how they compare to a nanny in terms of costs and responsibilities, and what specific benefits that they can provide for your  family.
What Is An Au Pair?