Daddy scrubs, stork arriving event sponsor

I don't know who was more excited to wear the daddy scrubs, my husband or his mom! Ryan went to the hospital in normal cloths and then once thing started to get going he changed into his "I'm the daddy" scrubs. On the front pocket it says "daddy" and of course his mom had to take a ton of photos of that. Then Ryan turned around and on the back in very big letters it says, "I'm the daddy". Oh man I think you all heard Ryan mom squeal in excitement!

As you might remember just a little bit ago we did a review on the daddy scrubs backpack (and did a giveaway). Ryan ended up using this as his bag for the hospital. Daddy scrubs sell all kinds of great and fun things for dads. With Christmas right around the corner show dad you care by getting him a ball cap. Or if you are expecting they have a great have a ton of great things from water bottles, to backpacks to even gift boxes.

Don't mind the way Ryan looks in this next picture we had a hard delivery and he was really worried about Logan. Not only did he get stuck (like Aiden did) but he had the umbilicord wrap around this neck twice. Even with all that going on Logan, other then turning out really purple was/is just fine.

We both want to say thank you to Daddy Scrubs for helping to make this day just a little more special and fun for Ryan! Make sure you check out the Stork Arriving event to win your won Daddy Scrubs


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