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Best Skins Ever tablet skin

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
Nowadays everyone has some sort of electronic device. You may have a cell phone or a tablet. How do you keep it safe and protected?,
Best skins ever sent me a tablet skin for my iPad.

Then and Now, lose it weight lost

A little more then a year a go my husband decided that he was going to start losing weight. When he first told me this I was out of tow and kinda laughed at him. Not that I did not want him to do it but I have been trying for 5 year to get him to start eating right. So when I came home a week later and saw that he was eating right and working out I was proud of him. I wanted to also lose weight but I was pregnant. Then once I had Logan I was breastfeeding for a year and could not really cut out a lot of calories at that point. It was not until I was 13 months post baby that someone asked me the question that no one should ever ask......

"Are you pregnant?" I went home and cried my eyes out. Here is a picture of what I was wearing that day that she asked me.

After that night I had decided that 1. I am going to lose the weight, 2. I was going to stop breastfeeding (after all we hit the year mark) and 3. I would get off my birth control (because that make it hard to lose the we…

The great move

So as many of you know I had to walk away from the blog for awhile and Heather took over for me. Well now I can tell you all why. We and in Ryan and I decided that it was best for out family if we moved back to Arizona. There was many reason why we thought it was right and best for our kids. Also it allows me to be able to be at a computer. That was a big reason why I could not do any blogging was we only had one computer and Ryan worked from home! I am really exited to be back where my family is but I will miss in other family out in CO. Thank you all for your time and hanging in there with me.