Then and Now, lose it weight lost

A little more then a year a go my husband decided that he was going to start losing weight. When he first told me this I was out of tow and kinda laughed at him. Not that I did not want him to do it but I have been trying for 5 year to get him to start eating right. So when I came home a week later and saw that he was eating right and working out I was proud of him. I wanted to also lose weight but I was pregnant. Then once I had Logan I was breastfeeding for a year and could not really cut out a lot of calories at that point. It was not until I was 13 months post baby that someone asked me the question that no one should ever ask......

"Are you pregnant?" I went home and cried my eyes out. Here is a picture of what I was wearing that day that she asked me.

After that night I had decided that 1. I am going to lose the weight, 2. I was going to stop breastfeeding (after all we hit the year mark) and 3. I would get off my birth control (because that make it hard to lose the weight too).

I downloaded this app called Lose It and I pulled out all of the workout videos I had and started eating right. After about a week I hit a wall. I had a hard time getting to the end of any work out and most days I just could not do some of the things they where asking me to do. I broke down, it was hard not seeing myself lose any weight yet and working my butt off. Then my friends told me about Zumba so I youtubed it and tried a few. It looked funny seeing this white girl with no more rhythm trying to shake her thing! But it was fun so I kept doing it.

After about 2 weeks I could tell I was eating less and I thought about what I was eating before I ate it. So at the end of week 3 we where getting ready to pack the house up. At that point I saw the shirt I wore when that girl asked me if I was pregnant. I wanted so bad to burn that shirt, but I put it on instead, this time new tear came to my eyes. For the first time in 3 weeks I could see how a chance I was making.

It has been about 2 weeks of not doing anything not even eating right. I can tell you that it felt good to get some good cardio back in today but the eating part is hard again.

All I can say to you is if you think you can't you can't, if you think it is hard it is but you can do it. I am doing so good and I am going to get that last 20lbs off before summer.


Crafty Zoo said…
Good for you! Thank you for this post! I'm beginning that journey and struggling. I needed some inspiration!

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