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Roller bottles for Oils

I love using essential oils in place of perfume but don't like using them from the bottles they come in because it makes them hard to apply. I also like being able to mix my own oils to come up with my own signature scent. Roller bottles like the ones from 2PM are a great way to mix your own oils and apply them easily. They come is different color choices so you can find one that fits your style. I like using a colored or frosted glass bottle because it helps keep the oil fresh longer.

Who Loves Me? Valentine Edition Storybook By I See Me

Do you want to give your child a special gift for Valentines that they can enjoy all year long? Check out the special Valentine's Day Book and sticker set by I See Me!

This book puts your child and the people who love them inside, for a truly one of a kind gift.

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide Grand Prize!

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Welcome to The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide Grand Prize! We want everyone to have a great Valentine's Day so we came together to give you these great prizes. We have almost $1,400 rv of prizes to giveaway to 4 winners! There are even more Valentine's Day giveaways on the link at the bottom or HERE. Also don't forget to join the #ValGifts Twitter Party for more prizes and $$$Cash$$$ on February 4, 2015 at 8 pm EST. You can RSVP HERE. Hosted by: Michigan Saving and More Co Hosted by: Tales From A Southern Mom Sew Crafty Angel Java John Z’s Joyful Gifts By Julie PaulaMS’ Giveaways, Reviews, & Freebies God’s Growing Garden Heartbeats~ Soul Stains Simply Sherryl Deliciously Savvy I want to thank all the wonderful bloggers that help promote these contests! Please visit and follow them so we all can have great contests for our followers! Bookma…

Zenik Eye Mask #zenik

Man life is stressful. You know it is. It might be the best thing in the world but it is also stressful. So how to we relieve some of that stress? I have found that one days that I am just really overwhelmed I like to take a warm bath and put a warm compress over my eyes. Well I have started to use Zenik Eye Mask. This eye mask can be used hot or cold, and it is not made of rice like other are. This one is made from Lavender Flowers and Organic Flax Seed. The lavender is a great way to relieve some stress, and inflammation. So on top of it helping to calm you down, it always calms down the bags under my eyes! The material of this is a beautiful purple silk. 

Valentine's day Giveaway coming soon

Yep that's right we are going to be doing a Valentine's day Giveaway. I will post later and let you know when

At a lost

So as most of you can tell I have not done much blog post in a month. Well now I can tell you all why. Ryan (my husband) got laid off of work right before Christmas and I was at a lost. I was angry. We did not see it coming. They kept telling him he was fine and he is doing a great job, this really came out of no where. He is still without a job, but we do have a safety net so we are ok on money for a little while.

Then to top thing off. I think I ether has really bad PMS starting. Or I have PPD (postpartum depression). My baby is almost 11 month and I am still breastfeeding, but every 3 week for 3 days..... I am.... well lets just say its bad. I break down, I lose it, I don't hit or beat anyone but I am at a lost. So I am trying to pick up for where I was and get some help.

Thank you to not only my reader but the company who are working with us to do reviews.