Roller bottles for Oils

I love using essential oils in place of perfume but don't like using them from the bottles they come in because it makes them hard to apply. I also like being able to mix my own oils to come up with my own signature scent. Roller bottles like the ones from 2PM are a great way to mix your own oils and apply them easily. They come is different color choices so you can find one that fits your style. I like using a colored or frosted glass bottle because it helps keep the oil fresh longer.

I got these frosted blue 10 ml roller bottles with silver caps. They are stylish and hold the perfect amount of oil for on the go. They come in three parts, the glass bottle, the roller cap and then the silver cap. Once you fill the bottle with your oil of choice you push the roller cap in place with firm presser. Then when you can put the screw on silver cap. 

Unlike other roller bottles I have used in the past these have a metal ball which I find rolls easier then plastic ones. 

Overall I am very happy with the quality and style of these roller bottles and will differently pick up a few more to make different oil blends.


Special thanks to 2PM for my sample bottles to try for this review.


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