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8 EASY POOL CLEANING & MAINTENANCE TIPS Keeping your pool sparkling and clean doesn’t really have to be a burden as you might think. Different pools have different maintenance needs. However, they have one thing in common. The secret to clear sparkling pool water is routine cleaning. No matter if you pay for a pool cleaning service, you still need to take care of a few things on your own to maintain your pool’s condition for years. Here are some awesome tips you need to know to keep your pool pristine clean. Skim for Debris and Empty out Baskets Skim your pool’s surface for fallen leaves, bugs, and debris every few days. Use a long skimmer or net to do this process. This is the fastest way to keep your pool clean. This way, you avoid debris from sinking at the bottom of your pool causing stains and bacteria to build up.
You also need to empty out and clean strainer baskets every week. This helps your water to circulate better and it lowers the need for adding chlorine. All you need to…

Its been a long time

HI guys its Katie. As you may have seen my main blog url is down so now I have to use Any who here is what has been going on. My husband got laid off of work 2 weeks before Christmas!!! That was a really low blow and put me in a bad place. So the end of the year was hard. But I knew he would find a job. And while we had a few really close ones... nothing worked out. So we moved back to CO and live with my sister in law for 6 months before my husband got a job.

So blogging for me really was a set back I just was not feeling it. I missed doing it but did not really have a computer to blog with.

Now we are moving again!!! But this time it is into our own place. I am going to work really hard on coming back and talk to the few followers I have.

I have never been a big blogger before. I have not made more then maybe $50 a year on my blog. I know there are some blogs that have but I have not been that luck. I started my blog to help new moms, and I want to do that again. While…