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I'm Goo Goo Gaga over Jammy Jams!!!

What is Jammy Jams? I had never heard of them before have you? Well once you hear their songs your going to laugh then your going to want to buy their CD. Jammy Jams takes famous songs such as "Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio and turning it into a song that you can rock your child to sleep with! Their "Once Upon A Rhyme" CD is packed with a ton of fun songs. I never thought that "The Real Slim Shady" would sound so soothing. 

Merry Christmas

From our family to yours. May you have a great and wonderful day today!

iCaughtSanta bloggers giveaway

Hey there bloggers here is a great giveaway from It is really easy all you have to do is head over to iCaughtSanta, "like" their facebook page and wright a simple blog post before Christmas eve! Don't forget while you are there to use this 50% off code: SANTA50

Fit Moms for life book review

Fit Moms for life: How to Have Endless Energy to Outplay Your Kids book is a great book for any mom who thinks that they don't have time for themselves. What I love about this book is that when I started to read it, I could relate to it right away. The first story talks about a mom who is about to get on an air plane with her kids. She realizes once they started to tell you about putting the oxygen mask on yourself first, she thought about how she was spending so much time taking care of her kids and husband that she was doing nothing for herself. We as moms put just about every one before us and then we wounder why we are tired all the time. 

Giada De Laurentiis now at Target

From Food Network to your home, Giada De Laurentiis now has her own line of cooking products. With Christmas just a few days away I can't think of a better time bake some yummy foods. Head over to Target where you can find Giada's bakeware and food. I was really excited when I got this box in the mail, because there was more in there then I was expecting! 

Hot pants review #hotinhotpants

So as you know by now, I am trying to eat better and work out more. Well, I got the eating right part down but I am still working on working out more. So when I was asked to do a review on hot pants I was excited to get me some work out pants. I had never heard of them before and did not know what to expect. When I got them and tried them on I was surprised. They are a little tight, but they need to be.

holiday gift guide: Ella's Kitchen review and giveaway 12/31

Now that Aiden is older, he will not let me feed him. He has become so independent. So when I try to spoon feed him he gets mad, and will not eat unless he can do it. Which is on BIG reason why I love Ella's Kitchen so much, their food comes in pouches. Then you add in the fact that they are natural and organic.I think it is sweet that Ella's Kitchen was made by Ella's dad. He was looking for something healthy, delicious and easy to take on the go. Which is something every parent thinks about when packing the diaper bag, or even a back pack.

I'm a newbie!

Hello everyone!

As you can see from Katie's post below, I am now her co-blogger. We're also related (her hubby is my brother) so now we're REALLY stuck with each other. ;) Just kidding...she is really my best friend and I'm looking forward to blogging with her and hope I can bring some new topics and reviews to the table too.

Here is a little bit of info about myself, in case you were curious, nosy, or just bored:

I live in the great state of Colorado and really call this home now, after having moved around a LOT as a child (former military brat;)
I LOVE Colorado!
I am happily married to my husband, Benjamin, of 3+ years.
I love cooking, creating new recipes and trying unusual/exotic ingredients and recipes, but I'm also down for a simple classic.
I enjoy just about anything nature-related and have camped and hiked in many parts of the U.S. and England. I climbed part of Pike's Peak this year and intend to climb the whole thing one day.
Some other interests…

Welcome April...

Hey all! I wanted you to welcome my new co-blogger, April. She is my wonderful sister-in-law who loves to cook, go camping, hiking, and so much more. But I will let her tell you more about that. So if you all could send her some love either here or on her post (coming soon).

Earth Mama Angel Baby 12 days of Mama

Get your EMAB on a great deal!!!!

Family Dollar a hit or miss review

So I got the change from Mom Central to go shopping at Family Dollar. I have to say I don't shop there much, and I have not been there in years. So when I was offered a chance to go shopping with a $50 gift certificate, I decided now is a good time as any to try them again. I went to a total of three stores. You can never judge how good a company is by just going to one store.

Little Women Christmas Cross Stitch patter review

I used to be able to cross stitch. It really is not that hard once you get the hang of it. It always seams like once you have kids its so hard to find "me" time. Well here is a great way that I am going to be able to have "me" time again. Kelly at My Simple Walk makes cross stitch patters that you can print out.

Just moved in with the help of Clorox

So as most of you know we just moved into our new place. I am so excited to settle down here for the next year and really make this house my home. But when we moved in you could tell the last people here did not clean very well before they left. So I was really excited when I got a box of Clorox stuff to clean with. In my box of goodies I received some: Clorox Disinfecting Wipes,  Clorox Toilet Wand Kit, Clorox Glad Tall Kitchen Bags, and Clorox Bleach.

They all really made a different in cleaning. The disinfecting wipes where great for cleaning the kitchen counter as well with the bathroom. I felt good cleaning with them because they kill cold and flu viruses and you never really know who lived in the house before you did. Ryan however (my husband, in case you forgot) loves the Glad tall kitchen bags. With the help of the draw stings he (almost) never complains taking the trash out anymore. Most of the time he made because the bag breaks, or he can't pull it out, but the Glad bags…

Holiday gift guide: Boot Stroot

With the colder weather it time to put your sandals away and bring out the BOOTS!! Oh how I love boots but I hate trying to get my pants in them. You ether have to get the leggings, get really tight pants or really baggy ones. But now there is this cool new product called Boot Stoot.

MommyParties #Pregnancy2.0party

I love having parties, and this time I got to have a mommy party! Thanks to Mommy Parties by Pregnancy 2.0. When I first found out that I got to host this party I was SO excited. I got a letter in the mail from Britax with info about their B-Safe Infant Car seat, the B-Agile Stroller, the Award-winning Baby Carrier and the Baby carrier seat extender insert. I was thinking great well I guess I'll look up that and tell people about it at the party. Then a few days all of that started to show up!! Boy was I happy. I had a stroller, but it was really needing to be replaced. You could hardly turn the thing. But the B-Agile stroller moves like a breeze.

And the B-safe Infant car seat hooks right onto the stroller. It felt like Christmas morning.

What a month...

So my husband is back in the hospital again. This time he has a weird bump on he head. And after about two days his eye was swollen. No No I did not hit him lol. So I took him to the ER yesterday. They kept him over night and got some of the pus out. This morning his other eye is a little swollen.

Oh and I helped my sister and brother in law moved this week in -5' oh man was it cold. So I am trying to play catch up on all of the great reviews I have going on.

12 Days of Christmas blog hop

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Blog Bash Christmas giveaway Dec 1-6

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Holiday Gift guide: Guess Who Zoo

Guess Who Zoo is a fun CD for both kids and parents. This is a fun CD that has songs with clues on what animal they are talking about. The music is easy to listen to and does not drive you crazy. You know what I mean right, where you get a kids CD and you just want to toss it out the window because its annoying? They usually  have adults singing like kids and playing music that really bad. Well you don't get that with Guess Who Zoo. They have fun music with cute rhymes.

The Baby Sleep Solution Audio Program Review

So this is a review that I should have finished in a week but I really wanted to try it out. Aiden had co bedded with us for a year now and I want him to start sleeping in his own bed. But he still wakes up to nurse every hour or so. So when I saw that I could to a review on a program that is going to help your baby sleep through the night I had to jump on that.

Blog Bash Christmas giveaway update

So it looks like It's me-tv is down. I emailed them and have not heard back yet. Their website is down as well as their facebook page. So for now I am going to take it off of the giveaway, if I do hear back from them that they are still sponsoring this giveaway then you will still get it. I am so sorry for this problem. Thank you for understanding.

Google + upate

Well this just goes to show how much I know about Google+... haha nothing. I guess you can make a google+ for your blog and for your email. So here is the right link to be added to google+ for my blog.... I hope