Hot pants review #hotinhotpants

So as you know by now, I am trying to eat better and work out more. Well, I got the eating right part down but I am still working on working out more. So when I was asked to do a review on hot pants I was excited to get me some work out pants. I had never heard of them before and did not know what to expect. When I got them and tried them on I was surprised. They are a little tight, but they need to be.

Hot pants work by bio-ceramics..... here let's  talk human: they work with heat waves and reflect it back to your body to help warm your tissue and breakdown the fat cells better. This helps to get the bad toxins out of your body better. Now keep in mind, you do not need to wear Hot Pants all day like some other brands advise. The best way to get results is to have them on for 30 minutes a day while you are walking around the mall, cleaning, cooking, or really exercising. That sounds really easy.

I have not been working out a lot because lets face it, it's the holidays and I'm also not eating the best right now either. SO, I am really going to be putting this on after New Year's so I can not only lose the baby weight but also the pounds that I am about to put on with Christmas coming up. ;)

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Heather said…
interesting product. Hope it helps.
Janet W. said…
Never heard of these before. I wonder if it really helps!

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