Family Dollar a hit or miss review

So I got the change from Mom Central to go shopping at Family Dollar. I have to say I don't shop there much, and I have not been there in years. So when I was offered a chance to go shopping with a $50 gift certificate, I decided now is a good time as any to try them again. I went to a total of three stores. You can never judge how good a company is by just going to one store.

And boy was that first one trash. There was one employee how spoke little to no English. The store was a mess and they did not have half of the thing they showed in their add. I did however get Ryan a little tool kit there and went to another. The second one was a lot cleaner, there were about three employees there stocking and ringing people up. They had a ton of Christmas candy and toys for stocking suffers.

They really do have a some killer deals if you are running a little low this Christmas. And right now their entire stock of Christmas stuff is 25% off. May I should head back there and get some more rapping paper!

Over all I would day Family Dollar has some good products they just need to work on making some store more desirable. The last store I went to was great! They employees where really nice and helped you look for whatever you needed. Just remember when you are going shopping. If you have a bad or not so great experience with one store, no matter what it is, don't stop there go to a different one.

Disclosure: The product(s) provided for the review were sent to me free of charge from the company or PR agency. Any opinions expressed are my own honest opinions and are not influenced by any form of compensation. Thank you again to Mom Central and to Family Dollar.



Cass said…
We have a good Family Dollar near us, but I forget about them and always go to Target.
Janet W. said…
I like the Family Dollar near me. It's a great place to get cheap wrapping paper or gift bags!
jorr0917 said…
I love the family dollar near me. It is always clean and always real nice people working.

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