Holiday Gift guide: Guess Who Zoo

Guess Who Zoo is a fun CD for both kids and parents. This is a fun CD that has songs with clues on what animal they are talking about. The music is easy to listen to and does not drive you crazy. You know what I mean right, where you get a kids CD and you just want to toss it out the window because its annoying? They usually  have adults singing like kids and playing music that really bad. Well you don't get that with Guess Who Zoo. They have fun music with cute rhymes.

I really could not tell who was having more fun listing to Guess Who Zoo, my son or my husband. There are 13 different animal song with clues. While Aiden might be a little young to really guess what animal it is. Its about listing to the CD and having him learn it over the years so one day when we take him to the zoo (and he can talk) he call tell me all about the animal because he remembers what they said on the CD. 

This is a great gift for any kid to loves music, guessing games, or animals. If you want to listen to a few of the songs they have just click HERE. The Guess Who Zoo CD is sold only at for $12.95. So moms and dads get your kids a CD that you will enjoy listing to too. Get the Guess Who Zoo CD.


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