Its been a long time

HI guys its Katie. As you may have seen my main blog url is down so now I have to use Any who here is what has been going on. My husband got laid off of work 2 weeks before Christmas!!! That was a really low blow and put me in a bad place. So the end of the year was hard. But I knew he would find a job. And while we had a few really close ones... nothing worked out. So we moved back to CO and live with my sister in law for 6 months before my husband got a job.

So blogging for me really was a set back I just was not feeling it. I missed doing it but did not really have a computer to blog with.

Now we are moving again!!! But this time it is into our own place. I am going to work really hard on coming back and talk to the few followers I have.

I have never been a big blogger before. I have not made more then maybe $50 a year on my blog. I know there are some blogs that have but I have not been that luck. I started my blog to help new moms, and I want to do that again. While I will still do review and I hope some giveaways I am also going to be doing some more DIYs too.


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