Zenik Eye Mask #zenik

Man life is stressful. You know it is. It might be the best thing in the world but it is also stressful. So how to we relieve some of that stress? I have found that one days that I am just really overwhelmed I like to take a warm bath and put a warm compress over my eyes. Well I have started to use Zenik Eye Mask. This eye mask can be used hot or cold, and it is not made of rice like other are. This one is made from Lavender Flowers and Organic Flax Seed. The lavender is a great way to relieve some stress, and inflammation. So on top of it helping to calm you down, it always calms down the bags under my eyes! The material of this is a beautiful purple silk. 

Here are also just a few other benefits :

• Silky Satin is Gentle to Touch and Prevents Ice Shocks When Cold 
• Hot and Cold compress reduces pain, swelling and helps get rid of puffy eyes, and dark circles under eyes 
• Sleep Better in Complete Darkness with No Light Peaking Through 
• Natural Migraine Remedy and Headache Reliever without the Use of Headache Medicines 
• Excellent for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Manage Stress The Natural Way 
• Aromatherapy Eye Mask at Comfort of Your Own Home or Travel 
• Effective Meditation Eye Pillow or as a Yoga Eye Pillow 
• Great for Men, Women, and Children 
• All natural and organic ingredients such as organic flax seed and French lavender flowers 
• Designed and Manufactured in USA 

When warming it up you just put it in microwave just for a few minutes. Check to make sure it is not to hot for you. Then lay down or as I do lay in a warm tun and put your head back and take a deep breath. If you want it to be cool you can do that to. All you have to do is put it in a plastic bag and put it into the freezer, this will need to be done for about an hour to really get it cold. Then take it out and put it over your eyes or even over any body part that hurts. 

I really love this eye mask it makes a stressful day into a little less. It has helps when I get headaches. This would make a great Valentine's gift for a loved one. Or even a new mama.


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