At a lost

So as most of you can tell I have not done much blog post in a month. Well now I can tell you all why. Ryan (my husband) got laid off of work right before Christmas and I was at a lost. I was angry. We did not see it coming. They kept telling him he was fine and he is doing a great job, this really came out of no where. He is still without a job, but we do have a safety net so we are ok on money for a little while.

Then to top thing off. I think I ether has really bad PMS starting. Or I have PPD (postpartum depression). My baby is almost 11 month and I am still breastfeeding, but every 3 week for 3 days..... I am.... well lets just say its bad. I break down, I lose it, I don't hit or beat anyone but I am at a lost. So I am trying to pick up for where I was and get some help.

Thank you to not only my reader but the company who are working with us to do reviews.


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