Ninja Blender (12 days of gifts galore)

I have been wanting a new blender for months! The one we had was missing a few pieces (although it still functioned), didn't blend things very well, and just wasn't working for us. I set off on a search for a new blender and found one I loved at Brylane Home.
I wanted to get the Ninja Kitchen System 1200. So when I was able to do a review on this item I was super excited. I couldn't wait for it to arrive.

This is a hassle-free blender, juicer and food processor in one. It does everything from frozen drinks, soups, ice cream, and even pizza dough.

Item includes:
40 oz processing bowl with lock in lid that has a flip pour spout.
72 oz pitcher with lock in lid with a pour spout
whisk attachment
dough hook and paddle
cord storage.
inspiration guide (recipes)

It is stainless steel/plastic and has dishwasher safe parts.

The blender is 1100 watts. This is way more than my other blender was and works so much better. The 40 oz bowl comes with a 4 blade assembly while the 72 oz comes with a 6 blade assembly.

I used the 72 oz bowl with blade assembly to make a Chocolate Mint Milkshake for me and my family to enjoy. I placed several scoops of Chocolate Ice Cream in the blender with some milk. I didn't use too much milk as we wanted a thick and creamy shake.

I turned the blender onto the dough cycle. I know it wasn't a dough but I wanted to experiment with the different settings. I pulsed it a little bit, blended, and tried the crush setting. Since it was a milkshake I stuck with the blend setting to complete the job.  I added a little mint extract for a hint of mint flavor and blended a few seconds longer.

Then poured the shakes into cups using the pour spout. It was simple, and delicious.  I loved how evenly blended the milkshake was. I was able to create a thick milkshake that didn't have chunks of ice cream in it. I also think my milkshake was done faster than with my old blender.

I can't believe all the things this blender can do and can't wait to try out some of the other options.

Please make sure to visit Brylane Home and let me know what products you like. Be sure to follow them on facebook and twitter to stay up to date with their products and promotions.


Mary Gallardo said…
it is awesome that this works well! I always see the commercials and want one, but never want to commit to buying one, since I don't know how it works from an actual person. I may just get one now!
neoh42f said…
Thanks for your review! I could really use a blender since I currently do not own one. I couldn't help but find myself attracted to just the name alone! Ninja Blender :) Kinda made me chuckle! This product sounds totally awesome. I want one!!

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