Beanie Designs, Stork Arriving event sponsor

With it being winter we all need to get a good hat for our little ones. That way their heads don't get to cold. And with having a new baby this time of the year it is really important that we keep his head warm. But are you tired of the same old one color, not really cute ones? Well Beanie Designs has you covered then. I got this really cute Organic Cotton Ear Hat: Cream bear. However I must have messed up on asking for the size because I got the 6-18 month one. But it ended up working out because Aiden (my now 2 year old) love to wear it!

Beanie Designs makes hates for newborns up to 10 years old. Each hat is knitted, hand made, and is a soft organic cotton. They are all so cute its going to be hard to just pick one, so get a few!!!! Remember even though Christmas is only a week away, it will be cold for a few more months. Make sure your little ones ears and head is covered in something cute and fun. Here is a picture of Logan in the hat. I would get one of Aiden but lets face it what 2 year old sits still long enough to take a picture!

The only down side is... I don't have a little girl yet! You should see some of the really cute hats they have for girls. Look at this really cute cup cake hat. Well don't worry you are going to get the chance to pick out what on you want. That's right Beanie Designs if offering one of you luck winners a hat of your choice. Make sure you head over to the Stork Arriving event and enter to win!!


OMG LOVE THE CUPCAKE HAT!! super cute beanies!

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