Kazam Bike (12 days of Gifts Galore)

Many of you may recall my Educational post about Balance Bikes.  I'm pleased to share with you my thoughts on the Kazam Bike from Balance Bike Shop.

 I had my husband assemble the bike and he was prepared to spend a good portion of the morning assembling the Kazam Bike and the Strider Bike. Lucky for him it didn't take that long to assemble.

How easy was the assembly of this bike?
The instructions were clear and he had no problems whatsoever putting the bike together. He said that he spent more time taking the bike out of the packaging then he spent assembling it.  The bike was together within 5 minutes and he said that I could have easily put it together.  In fact my husband (the guy) said, "It was soo easy, I didn't even need the instructions." Go figure. All the tools needed for assembily were in the box.

Construction of bike:
The bike was packaged well and seems to be made durable. It is constructed with air tires with steel spoke wheels. This gives your child a smooth ride. The seat is also padded for your childs comfort.
The bike we choose is a Gorgeous shade of Orange. My daughter's favorite color is Orange and this was perfect! The orange really stands out. It is a rich, vibrant, shade of Orange. It makes the bike really attractive to her. If orange isn't your preference it also comes in blue, red, green, and pink. 

Ease of Use:
The seat adjusts with a no tool quick release. It is easy to adjust to whichever height you need for your child. All adjustments are easy to make. This bike also has a foot rest for your child to use.
Does my Daughter like it?
Emarose was thrilled to get an Orange bike. She couldn't wait to test it out.
At first she stood over it and just walked it with her feet.  We didn't get to ride the bike as much as she wanted because everyone started to get sick. So it kind of sat for a few weeks. When everyone started to feel better it was time to bike again. She progressed quickly from standing over the bike, to sitting on the bike and scooting. A few days later she started to lift her legs a little bit. She is still hesitant to lift them very much but she is enjoying scooting along. Her scooting is of course getting faster and faster.  

If you'd like your own Kazam Balance Bike be sure to enter the 12 days of gifts event. 


Mary Gallardo said…
This is really cool. I have never seen a balance bike before.

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