Lets Play in Spanish

In the US it is important to learn Spanish. Over 27 million homes in the US have Spanish as their first language. Plus if you can speak spanish you can communicate with over 300 million people worldwide. Research shows that from ages 1-8 is the best time to introduce a new language to a child. They learn faster and retain it longer. Plus the earlier they are exposed to a second language, the more likely they will be able to speak it fluently and with good pronunciation.
I received a Let's Play in Spanish kit with 2 sing along dvds, 4 conversational dvds, 2 musical cds, 2 song books, 2 coloring books, a parent guide, and a tucan finger puppet.

This set is compromised of 2 levels. Level 1 (Cantemos en Espanol) teaches basic spanish vocabulary including the alphabet, numbers, colors, body parts, fruit, shapes, vowels, months, seasons, clothes, actions, days of the week, animals, tools, instruments, and dinosaurs. We love that the level has a DVD with the songs along with a DVD for learning. The music cd is nice to have in the car to reinforce the concepts and songs that they have already learned. It is also nice to have a handbook with the songs to look at and coloring pages that go along with what my children are learning.Level 2  (sal y pimienta) reinforces lessons from volume 1 and teaches foods, emotions, telling time, household objects, good habits, sports, at the beach, vegetables, more animals, nature, school and magic words like please and thank you.

I love that the gift of spanish is a multimedia approach to learning spanish. It teaches through music which is great for kids. It also uses a variety of senses such as visual (DVDs and Books), Auditory (CDs and DVDs) and Kinosthetic (Coloring books, dancing, and acting with puppets).

I love the variety of senses that it covers because everyone learns in different ways. Plus the more senses you use when learning the easier it is to remember. 

This set is wonderful as it teaches over 500 useful words and phrases and exposes kids to over 2500 common spanish words. The concepts are appropriate for preschool age.

Do not worry if you don't understand all of the material or don't speak spanish. Kids will benefit from the immersion technique and will be able to pick up vocabulary quickly.

My kids loved the set.

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