Yonanas (Aiden's Birthday Bash)

Do you love frozen treats? Want something that is tasty, cold, but good for you? Well I've got just the item for you. Brylane Home sent me the Yonanas Treat Maker to review. I chose this product as part of the birthday bash, because it would be a hit with kids. Who doesn't love Popsicles and ice cream like treats?
What is Yonanas you might ask? Well it is a machine that will turn a frozen banana into ice cream like consistency. Mix it with a variety of ingredients for a taste similar to ice cream, but without all the bad stuff. Yonanas contain zero fat, zero cholesterol, and nearly 1/2 the calories of ice cream. They also contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Since it is made with bananas it is high in potassium, b6, and a good source of vitamin A, C, iron, thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin.

So it is good for you, but does it taste good? My family thinks so. It comes with a simple recipe book with several ideas. Some I want to try include Mint Chocolate Chip, Cherry Chocolate, and Coconut Chocolate.

When I received this machine in the mail I wanted to test it out right away. Unfortunately I had no bananas in my house. I bought some at the store but they weren't even fully ripe. I had to wait several days for my bananas to ripen and start to get brown cheetah spots. (These bananas are what they recommend.)

Once my bananas were ripe I broke them in half and placed them in the freezer for 24 hours. I then removed and was ready to use.  I didn't read the instructions first and just placed 1 banana in the machines chute, turned on, and slowly pressed contents using plunger. Then I did the same thing with the 2nd banana. It was a delicious cold treat but not quite as soft as I would have liked.

That's when I discovered that I should have let my bananas thaw slightly either in the microwave or on the counter before using. After trying this method my Yonanas had a consistency more like soft serve ice cream.

I love that the machine is easy to disassemble and reassemble. Clean up is simple to do by hand or you can even use the dishwasher for the pieces. The base just wipes clean with a damp cloth.

Some things to note:

The first banana inserted will not immediately be dispensed from unit. Insert more fruit for the contents to be fully dispensed.

It does not mix your ingredients: For example if you did strawberry you would have to mix the banana and strawberries together to get your desired flavor.

The bananas have a mild flavor so it really can take on the flavor of whatever you add.

Be sure to thaw your fruit first if you desire a softer consistency.

We've tried:
Plain Yonanas- I think this tastes yummy. Simple to do and helps with my desire to have something cold and creamy.

Strawberry: This one wasn't quite as creamy in texture but I think that was due to my frozen strawberries being almost gone and a little covered with ice. I tried to get off all the ice first, but think I missed some. I was also running low on strawberries so it had just a mild strawberry flavor. Will definitely try again.

I also love that it comes with a popsicle mold so that you can make popsicles out of it. My kids will love that feature.

Please make sure to visit Brylane Home and let me know what products you like. Be sure to follow them on facebook and twitter to stay up to date with their products and promotions. Then enter the Aiden's Birthday Bash for your chance to win. 


Kiara Buechler said…
My MIL has a Yonanas, and my almost three year old looooooves making treats with it.

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