Ceramic Laser Engraved Mugs

Its winter time,that means break out your mugs and get your hot coco on!!! I love this time of year, its always great on a nice snowy day to sit there with a warm mug of hot coco or tea and watch the snow fall. However all of the mugs I have are kind of small, and not really special. Not that there is really anything wrong with that, but I love to find big mugs and ones that have cute and fun designs on them. So when Sutter's Mill asked me to review on of their ceramic laser engraved mugs where I could put any design on the mug.... I think they heard me squeek from here.

With purple being my favorite color and not know what to put on the mug, I had them make one for my blog. That's right you can have them make a mug with your blog/website address on it. This is a great way to promote your blog while you are out. Here is a really bad picture of my mug, but I love my mug. They are microwave and dishwasher safe. The mug is 16 oz and comes shipped in quantities of 12. So this is great as a over all gift for many people. Or good if you work in an office. You can even just put your last name on it and hand it out to other family members (who have the same last name lol). This is a great product for any time of the year, and any holiday.

The only thing I would have to say that I don't like about this mug is that the engraving is a little small. I would rather have the letters be bigger so more people could see the website name. Other then that this has been a great mug. So if you want to get something special for the office this would be a great thing to get them. Don't worry boys there are other colors too!

I want to say thank you from both April and I for getting a change to review Sutter's Mill ceramic laser engraved mugs. I love my mug and will be using it even more!!!


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