Bye bye heart burn with PregEase

Why did I not find this sooner!!! If any of you remember way back when, when I was first pregnant I had really bad morning sickness. To the point that I had to get onto zofran just so I could get out of bed. Then about a month or two ago I got really bad heartburn. Well I still have that problem, but the morning sickness is gone. The only relief I had found was from tums. But I hated having to take a tums ever few hours and even then it only helped for a little. So when FairHaven Health emailed me asking me to review a new product called PregEase that helps with both heartburn and morning sickness I jumped on that!

PregEase is all natural and is safe for both mom and baby. When I first got this pill bottle I opened it and said, "holy cow I have to take this huge horse pill?" But then I read the bottle and it said they are chew-ables. The taste is not bad, it almost remind me of a vitamin C pill chew-able  It has a very orange flavor. Best part is that I only needed to take one. Unlike Tums where I had to take 2 every 2-3 hours. Now you can take PregEase 1-2 tables daily as needed for relief.

While I my not be having anymore morning sickness (so I can't tell you how well it works for that) I can tell you that if you have really bad heart burn you should look into getting this!

You can also take this at any point of the pregnancy. You first trimester when most moms get morning sickness, or even the second all the way up to when the baby is born because of heartburn.

Thanks to FairHaven Health one of you are going to get the chance to try this for yourself.
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Anonymous said…
I have not used this product yet but after reading this review I am thinking to try this product once. Is there any side effects of this product on body?
I am currently using home remedies to get rid off from this problem. Here are those remedies

It will be sure that I will buy your shared product with in few days.

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