Tri-Lounge iPad desk review

Hey all Katie here. I know I know I have not post anything in awhile. Let me tell you my wos. So other then now being 39 weeks and going to give birth tomorrow, Aiden got sick a week in a half ago. Then once he got better of course I got really sick. I ended up with bronchitis (that I still kind of have). So getting this Tri-Lounge lap iPad desk could not have come at a better time. Most of last week I spend ether in bed or on the couch.

For the most part I just ended up watching videos and playing games in bed. I can't even begin to tell you how nice it was to have the iPad propped up with out worrying about it falling. I have a case cover for it that does "help" to have it sit up but it works better if you are putting it on a hard counter and not touching it. But the Tri-Lounge is great for just sitting around and doing nothing all day.

Something else I love about this Tri-Lounge desk is that there are... three (get it tri :P) sides that you can use. Like the picture above shows you can have it a little low (great for videos), then a side that is a little taller (great for reading) and one that just also straight up (good for games). There is also what I like to call a hidie hole. This way when you are done using the iPad and you don't want to drop it or anything. Stick in in the side hole and it keep it safe! On the other side there is a hole made for the cord. Now you can keep everything together (because I am always losing things)

Domeo  is a new company that make all kinds of great things for iPads. They have a ton of great cases that I know will work great for you. Make sure with Christmas right around the corner that you head over and get your loved one a case that they will use over and over again. I know with me giving birth tomorrow that this is one thing I will be taking with me to the hospital. That way I can listen to music and movies without worrying about it falling.

This company just launched November 19th and we here support them. They have a great product that is strong and feels like it could last years. Make sure you head over to Domeo and find the right case for you, or a family member. Don't forget to like them on FaceBook to stay on top of new things and deals that they might be having!


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