Stainless Steel Cookware (Aiden's Birthday Bash)

To save money, my family tries to eat meals at home. This means that we need decent Pots and Pans to cook the meals. The set we had was at least 7 years old and handles were cracking. I decided it was time to get a new set. One that should last us for awhile.

I choose the 10 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set from Brylane Home.  I choose this set for a variety of reasons. 1 it included a variety of pans including: 1 1/4 qt. and 2 1/2 qt. covered saucepans, 4 qt. and 5 qt. covered Dutch Ovens and 8" and 9 1/2" open fry pans. I also loved that the pans were Dishwasher safe. I was surprised to see that many pans aren't, and so I was glad to find a set that was. I love the idea that the stainless steel cookware heats evenly and that the frying pans are non stick.

We have used these pans for a variety of cooking. The frying pans have been used to cook chicken, eggs, etc. The eggs did not stick to the pan and cooked evenly. They came out nice and fluffy. The chicken pieces cooked without any added sauces or oil. It came out nice and juicy and ready to be added into my pasta.

The pasta I made was a new recipe to me which was a Ranch Pasta with Chicken and Bacon. The Pasta noodles I cooked in the Dutch oven pan and again I had no problems. The Sauce I mixed up in the saucepan. The flour/butter/milk mixture didn't stick to the pan at all. Soon it was ready for the rest of the ingredients.  When everything was added the sauce turned out great and it was super easy to use this pan.

These pans worked quite nicely. I love how it didn't stick, and how it cooked evenly. My old pans would often stick or some areas would cook hotter than others. With these pans, I don't have those problems.

Clean up was also a breeze. I love that I could just place these in the dishwasher. I did run a towel on these after the dishwasher was done to prevent water spots. (We have been having major issues with dishwasher leaving residue)

I really love how simple these dishes are. They would be great to use when cooking for guests.

Please make sure to visit Brylane Home and let me know what products you like. Be sure to follow them on facebook and twitter to stay up to date with their products and promotions. Then enter the Aiden's Birthday Bash for your chance to win.


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