National Geographic kids books

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I remember as a kid I used to always look at the National Geographic stuff, not that I could read it but I thought it was so cool. Then when I got older I called it Nat Geo. Now they have some great books made just for kids. The book retail anywhere between $3.99 to $40.00 depending on what you get. So the books are meant for kids 4 and up but Aiden (who just turned 3) loves to look and them.

This is a great way to teach them different types of animals, fun facts and all kinds of things. Aiden of course found the ones that had candy in them!

This book that he is looking at is called the Book of Why. It has lots of bright colorful pictures and great questions and answers in them. While he might not want to read each thing yet he loves to look at the pictures and name what it is. I also go a book called Just Joking 4, it has a over 300 knock-knock jokes, riddles and other fun jokes. Again another one meant more for older kids.

And right now you can get the books for 30% off until December 31, 2013. This would make some great Christmas presents. If you order by December 6 you will have it before Christmas. Just head over to Also make sure that you Like National Geographic facebook page,  follow them on Twitter @NatGeoBooks.


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