Dealing with Headlice: Robicomb

Last year we dealt with Head lice at least twice during the school year. It was a pain to try and determine if we had any lice or if it was just dandruff. When it was determined that we had lice, it was very difficult to do the shampoo and then try and comb out all the little bugs and nits. 
Thankfully this year I have a RobiComb from LiceGuard. Lice Guard is a  maker of non-toxic and pesticide-free, medically proven lice treatments.
RobiComb and Instructions
The RobiComb is simple to use.  It takes 1 AA battery and then you simply just comb it through small sections of your hair. When it is turned on it emits a sound letting you know it is working. If it detects lice the buzzing sound stops. When the lice is removed from the comb the buzzing sound will start again. The comb sends an electric pulse that kills lice instantly. This has been medically proven and is completely safe. 

Some features I love:
  •  Kills lice, eggs, and nits
  • Kills resistant lice
  • Buy once- use again and again
  • Safe and Non toxic- No chemicals :)
  • Can be used daily
  • No wetness, No mess, and no smelly odor.
  • Can be used to detect lice
  • Can be used to prevent lice.
Thankfully when I used this comb on my hair, it did not detect any lice. I am happy that so far we have not had any lice outbreaks at my daughters school or my sons school. So far this year we have been lice free and I hope it stays this way. If for some reason we do contract lice, I'm happy to know that this will help make treatment easier.

The comb easily worked through my thick and curly hair so I know. It did not hurt and I had no problems finding out that I do not have lice.

If you are dealing with Head lice this is one item you'll want to get.


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