Air-o-Swiss 7142 humidifiers

Last time we where all sick I tried to get our humidifier to work. Its not really hard you just fill it up and plug it in right? Oh man was I wrong, well ok yes it was that easy but it never turned on. There was nothing more annoying that knowing the one thing that could really have helped did not work. So I'm ever so grateful that this time around when we all got sick, (thanks to my husband) that we were able to get a humidifier that actually works. Its called the Air-o-Swiss 7142 humidifiers

The humidifier with an easy to put together. The only real work you have to do is to soak the charger 24 hours before you use it the first time. I love that is is really easy to use and digital. There is a small black cap at the top so you can have the steam/humidity come out on two sides or a big blast of one.

Having it go two ways works great because when we are sick I can have one stream go to their room and the other to mine. However the kids love to sit in front of it and "smell" the air. Not that that is bad more just funny. 

We all started to feel better within a few days. Now I am not saying this is a cure but it does help to add some moisture in the air when you are feeling sick. The Air O Swiss also works for cool or warm mist and works in rooms as large as 860 feet.

So next time you or your kids are sick don't be like me and buy a cheap humidifer that is just going to break on you the fist time. Get the Air-o-Swiss 7142 humidifiers and have something that works and will work for years to come!


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