Workout with MASH Up Conditioning

I am the worlds laziest mom! Ok there I said it! Now what do I do about it? I get over myself, get off the couch and workout! I have been putting this review off because I have been plum lazy! I knew the only way to really do this review is to get off the couch and work out. I know I have said on here many times that I am going to start working out. Well I have not really done much. I can't expect to lose weight and feel better if I don't get up and try. So Tuesday I did it, I got up and put the MASH up Conditioning workout on. And oh boy did I get my BUTT KICKED!!!

I started out doing between level one and level two workout. Depending on what it was they wanted me to do and if I could do it or not. I realized by the end I was sweeting as much as the guy who was doing the level three stuff! I was tired but I felt good. The next morning though.... I could not move. I worked my abs out in way that I never had before. I could feel the burn and how sore I was.

I wanted to give up then. If it was going to feel this bad every time there was no way I wanted to keep going. But Ryan told me it will only be bad one or two more times. And he was right the next time I did it (two days later) I was still tired but not near in pain as I was the first time. But I am still on tempo 1. There are 7 tempos, and for now I am going to be doing one tempo a week. Best thing is it is only a 15 minute workout. So I do it first thing in the morning, eat right all day and I feel great!

So MASH stand for Mind/body, Agility, Strength, and High intensity intervals. This way in the 15 minutes you get the best all over workout.

I will let you all know in a month how things are going. Right now I am 160 and I fit into a size 12ish pants. I would love to get back to 135 and a size 8!


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