Do You Need To Monitor Your Kid’s Smartphone?

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It has become a harsh reality of today’s world that kids feel unsecure and lonely without their smart phones and tablet devices. In past, the situationwas so simple and parents did not need to take extra tension regardingtheir kids because at that time mobile phone usage was not as much as it seems now-a-day. Parents have only concern with their kids school work.

This digital era not only offers advancement in mobile technology but alsocreates certain uncertainties for concerned parents. Kids always become an easy target but this new environment totally changes the scenario for parents. Now parents facing new sense of dangers regarding their kid’sSmartphone activities. When parents give a Smartphone to their kids the first thing they prefer to do is downloading and making contact through social websites.
Internet is such a medium that has many benefits and disadvantages. At one side it is source of fun, entertainment, information and communication and on the other side the threat of cyber bullying is also lurking there.  In cyber bullying they send you wrong and hurtful messages via text, socialnetwork or email.
According to experts, this way is more concerning for parents as it is more difficult to catch the bullies. As parents, teacher and kids has no idea about these concepts they don’t know what to do when they get caught in such a situation for the first time.
Texting has become a new trend among most of children and they prefer to send a text to his/her friend instead of calling. Form this concept, now a new trend is emerged that is known as sexting. Kids send explicit images and messages over text messages that leading kids toward a world of danger. Actually kids do not understand this point that sexting is also a form of child pornography.
Your children can be charged with fine or imprisonment because in some states sending sexual text messages is illegal and your child can be registered as sex offender if he/she caught red handed. The problem is that, most of the parents remain unaware of such type of illegal activities and they can’t save their kids from being punished. Some parents even donot know how to handle their kid when their kid gets caught doing wrong activities.
On the other side teens never consider it possible that sexual predator can target them easily. But that point creates misperception for kids and they put themselves in risk. Social networking sites offer communicating facility to children and they are becoming more and more open to strangers.  
Cell phone monitoring software such as espionner portable is the best choice for tackling these problems. If you are simply aware about a threatthen this responsiveness technique can save your children. With the help of spy application you can easily track down your kid’s mobile and browser history. It will also enable you to view their calls history, sent and received text messages, photos and their GPS location.
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The post is written by Jaspreet. He has been writing articles on technology especially tracking technology used in mobiles. He is intrigued the way smart phone app such as espionner portable helps tracking the kids whereabouts and maintain their security.


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