Holiday Gift guide: Mother's Therapy Organics

 With everyone being sick this time of year I make sure that I have hand santizer with me. But really I hate and I mean HATE hand sanitizer. Because it always leaves my hands sticky and smelling gross. Ok sure it kills 99% germs but does it really have to smell like nasty chemicals? So when Mother's Therapy Organics asked me to review their hand sanitizer and lotion I was worried I would feel the same. Well lets just say it smelt so good I wanted to eat my hand!

Ok maybe not "that" great but it really did smell like cucumbers! I wish there was a way for you to smell the scream and smell it! Really it is just that good!

Mother's Therapy was made so you can used it before and after changing your babies diaper but really I use it all the time. It is made from essential oils and aloe vera a long with other great things. And because the Mother's Therapy Lotion is water based it absorbs into the skin without feeling think and greasy!

I always keep a small on in my purse now, because of some many people getting sick its good to have some hand sanitizer on you at all times. This would make a great Christmas present for any mom or really as I have come to find anyone!


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