Theo DVD for family home evenings

Every Monday night we get together as a family and have Family Home Evening (FHE). My parents did this with us for awhile and I want to do it with our kids. It is something that our church does. One day a week we set aside for the family to come together and learn the teaching of Christ. With both Aiden and Logan being so young it can be hard to find lessons for them, and have them sit still. This is one reason why I love movies or kid books. I just got this DVD called Theo presents. Theo is a wide range of DVD, books, apps and lessions to teach children about Christ.

I got volume 3, God's Heart. There are three lessons in this one. Justification, Adoption, and A Day in Prayer. Each lesson teaches you not only what it means but how it goes hand in hand with the Bible. Inside of the DVD case there Parent's guide, if you read this (most times I don't, but this time I did) not only does it break each lesson down but it also talks about how you can teach it.

So lets take the adoption, it breaks down scriptures references, discussion questions, family activities and more. And because they are geared for kids it is easy to understand and fun. I love that I now have some lesson that I just put on TV on night when I don't have time to put things together.

The boys love the movies too. To us it is important to teach our kids about Christ as well as other things.

But you don't have to stop at just the DVDs, they also have app! What a great way to get a to have fun and learn too. I am so greatfull that I was able to have Theo to add to our FHE list of things to do.


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