BreakPal review and giveaway

Sometimes I feel like I am a bump on the log. I sit on the couch, watch the kids and blog. I always want to lose weight but I am not doing anything that helps me. Most days I don't feel very movated to get up and do anything. I just feel like with all the cleaning I do I don't want to even think about workingout. I needed something to get me up and moving, even if it is just a little every hour so do. BreakPal has helped me do that. BreakPal is an app you can use on your computer or you iPhone/iPad that shows you little workout you can do.... at work. Ever sit at a computer desk to long? Your back start to hurts, your neck and all you can think about is getting up and stretch? I know I do.

BreakPal is an pp meant for people who sit most of their days. There are many different exercise that range from just sitting in the chair and moving your arms more to getting up and doing yoga near your chair. If you are anything like me you will have a hard time remembering to even do that. You know when you get busy the last thing you remember is to get up and move. Well BreakPal has thought of that also. They have an alarm that you can set for 15, 25, 30 or even a hour. Then you just open you app, pick what you want to do and BAM your working out!

Ok sure you might not lose a ton of weight with the little ones but and I mean a big BUT! If you get in the habbit of getting up and moving your are going start feeling better during the day. I know my back has been hurting less and I feel like I even have a little more energy.

This is so easy to do. And you can also get this app. The app is free but I am givingaway a upgrade to a year membership. With the year you get more workouts. Just enter below!

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Debras Dollars said…
Hi Mummy,

I read your review. I would love to help you to lose weight in a healthy way if you are looking to do that. I do have a blog with mine and my mom and others experiences with Herbalife and it includes each through our weight loss journey with a photo. When I started seeing Amazing results I just had to became an Herbalife Independent Distributor so that I could help others. I would love to be your Personal Wellness Coach and help you reach your goals. Here's my blog and if you have any questions please contact me at debbibaldwin97 at hotmail dot com

Have a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year!

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