Holiday Gift Guide: Miche bags

Do you love Miche? I know I do, in fact I am thinking of getting the Demi. I have the big one now but I think the next size smaller would work great for me. Do you know what Miche is? Miche is a bag that you can change the shell on without having to take everything out of your bag. So you start by picking out what size of bag you want then you pick out the shells for them. Every month they come out with a new shell too. Best part is right now you can get a bag, pick 2 shells and get 2 surprise shells all for $100. I know some of you might think that $100 is a lot but your getting 5 bags for the most part!

If you want to see what they have new and want to buy them head over to see Katherine Rogers. I met her at the Denver Holiday event. She is a great lady and she would love to work with you!


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