Banana Toothbrush #review great for any teething baby #Bananatoothbrush

At what age should you start brushing your babies teeth? Maybe when they have teeth? But what about the gums? Most babies start getting solids even before they have teeth. I think it is never to early to start brushing the gums. But you always want to use something soft and make it fun for baby. So how about this really cute banana brush?

I love this little tooth brush, it really is good for so many things. First it has little silicon bristles on it to help rub the gunk of of babies gums and teeth. Second it has banana peel handles to help baby learn how to hold onto things. And third it makes a great teething toy.

Noah just was about 3 1/2 months in this picture and as you can see he love to just grab it and go to town on it! We have put it in the freezer at time to make it colder.

It is easy to clean too. I always keep it on us when we go out. It is just a great thing for him to hold onto. And it is in the shape of a banana how fun is that!

This is great for any baby. I would really recommend this to any new moms and dads out there. It also makes a great baby shower gift. Make sure you get your Banana Brush, I got mine on Amazon.


Jessica Peeling said…
This is absolutely adorable! I have never seen a product like this before. :)
Amber Ludwig said…
Oh this looks amazing for teething!! Especially for those hard to reach back teeth areas!! I love that it stimulates gums and is super cute :)

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