Wet 'n' Wild fun in AZ

Heather and I took our kids to Wet 'n' Wild last week. If you have not see her post make sure you check it out HERE. Here is what I thought of the place... Well to start out we only took Aiden he is 40 ins and could be able to get on some rides. When you first get there it is $8 to park, and if you want to get a locker its going to start at $6 but its all day use. They do let you bring in unopened water. We got a medium size locker for $10 and it was really big. We also where hunger by the time we got there. So we ordered their chili cheese fries, and their hamburger. Oh man it was so good we tired not to over stuff our self before we got into rides. Now Aiden makes me laugh. He had been asking for days when we where going and once we got there he did not want to get WET?!

So we started by walking around this MASSIVE kid play area. They had only two slides he could go down, and three that where closed and only one other big one that he was to small to go down. Now you see that big teeki head at the top... well we did not know that it fills up and dumps down on you. So poor Aiden who did not want to get wet.... got the whole thing dumped on him! HAHAHA I had a good laugh.

After that he did not really want to get on any rides, but I got him to onto the lazy river with me. Where he got two more buckets of water dumped right on him! At this point he was starting to have fun with it. They also made him put on a lift vest which I was happy about. He loved having it on, I think it make him feel a little more safe too. After the lazy river we went to the wave pool, where he wanted to spend most of his day! 
I told him we need to go get onto some rides now and because he was 40 incs and not 42 incs there was not a hole lot of rides he could get on. They had three rides for kids under 42 incs and only one was where we could go down together. All of his rides where on the  Wet 'n' Wild jr... all three. They had kind of a splash pad there, some of the gun where not working and the floor was kinda beat up.

But we got him to go on the tiny typhoon and he LOVED it.

The tiny typhoon spins riders though a minautre funnel before dropping them into the calming waters below.

 Over all Aiden had fun, however the adults (my husband and I) did not get to do much because we had him with us. If I was going just for Aiden I would not want to pay for me because there was nothing he and I could go on together.

We have been to other parks where it is a 38inc limit not an 42inc. The life gards there where great made sure all the kids could get on and off the rides with no problems. I would just say if you have any kid under the 42 inc I would keep them home and bring the bigger kids. That way the WHOLE family can do things other then the lazy river and the wave pool. But like I said Aiden had a ton of fun and next year he should grow 2 incs!



Amber Ludwig said…
Sounds like a fun place!! Its a shame so many things were beat up and not working :/ total bummer!! Great advice to wait until kiddos are taller and can enjoy more! That way its fun for mom and dad too!!
Alison Gibb said…
I am glad your little one finally liked getting wet. I have to say, with all the money they make, you would think they would have the whole park in tip top shape.

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