Protuct your credit cards with RFID blocking sleeves #BLOCKIT

Have you seen some of the new credit cards that has that RFID Chip? You know the chip so all you have to do is tap your card and go? Well I guess there will always be bad guys out there who will go to any length to steal peoples money, because they have a device where all they have to do is walk by your bag scan the thing and BOOM money is GONE! So what can you do to protect yourself? How about a cute and easy way from RFID blocking sleeves

I know I know you are thinking out can this cute card really help? Well don't judge a book by its cover! The RFID blocking sleeves are engineered with three performance layers. One layer has aluminum material that blocks 13.56MHz frequencies, a copper substrate layer that blocks all 125kHz while the last glossy paper layer has cute flower designs on them.

As you can see I got both the sunflower and the orange flower one. Are really cute and sturdy. 

As you can see my cards fit in, they are a little tight but that is fine. And fit into my wallet too. Again a little tight but it still fits. Don't worry if you are not into flowers they come in other colors and car sleeves too.


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