Picnic Blanket review #praticopicnic

I love going for a picnic. But I hate the feel of AZ grass. So I am always having to bring a blanket or a towel. But if the ground is wet then the blanket or towel does not do a whole lot. So you or I in this case am going to need to get a good Picnic Blanket. Pratico Outdoors has an extra large picnic blanket that is also waterproof on the bottom. It is 60x80in but don't worry it also fold up making it a LOT easier to carry around.

While I did get one and got to open it and feel how soft it is, I have not been about to use it. Why you may ask. Well yesterday we broke a heat record made back in the 1890s! Its been 115 all week. NOT good picnic weather.

I like mine and I can't wait for the weather to cool back down into the 90s so I can really try it. But if you live in a state that is not 100s right now. Or if you are going to the beach! Make sure you get your Picnic Blanket.


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