Fun things to do in AZ, Wet 'n' Wild water park

Are you looking for fun things to do over the summer? Of course getting wet is high on the list of fun. I have heard many great things about Wet N Wild.  So I was excited to get a chance to visit there with my kids.
We went on Saturday June 20th. I was a little worried that it would be super crowded. It was a Saturday, the day before Father's Day, and I found out that they had a Boy Scout day plus some company picnics. To my surprise it wasn't too bad. On occasion some attractions seemed busy, but overall it wasn't too crowded.

I brought my 2 kids ages 7 and almost 5 along with me. We also met up with their Aunt/Uncle and cousin.  I would suggest having meet up times if you are going to separate from your group.  It is otherwise hard to find your friends/family after separating.
We started our day at Boogie Board Beach.  This was a multi-level complex with a variety of slides. Some under 8 feet and some bigger than 8 feet. Emarose and Jerom had a blast going down the small blue slides where they could go down side by side. This area also features a giant tipping bucket that dumps gallons of water on guests below.

Then my kids decided they wanted to go on the "Donuts" which is what they call the inner tubes.  So I took them on a ride of the Crazy Cactus Roaring River. They enjoyed floating around. The ride has tipping buckets, waterfalls, and people trying to spray you with water.  A life jacket was available for both of my kids right at the entrance to the ride. They enjoyed using both single and double inner tubes on this ride. We rode the ride several times throughout the day.

Another attraction that we visited was the Wet 'N' Wild Jr. area.  Jerom loved walking through the "fog" (which was really just mist) as he entered the jr. area.  The area has spray zones and some kids size rides. Banzai Rides allows riders to ride down on a racing mat before splashing into the water. This ride is designed for the youngest riders. Next they tried Screamin' Streamers which was either a yellow or red slide that you went down on a double tube. We went on this ride as Jerom/Emarose with me by myself. Jerom/Me with Emarose by herself.  And Emarose/Me with Jerom by his self. Jerom enjoyed it the most when he went down by himself. Saying that he went faster that way. Another kid sized ride that they enjoyed was the Tiny Typhoon. Riders are spun through a miniature funnel before dropping into calm water below.  I was pleased that even though the rides were designed for kids. I could still use them as an adult.

My kids and I also enjoyed numerous trips to Monsoon Bay wave pool. Before entering the water my kids strapped on life jackets which were provided near the entrance. They had several  jackets available in a variety of sizes.  It was fun to relax and swim around in the pool. When the waves hit it was fun to just let the waves take us or to try and walk against the waves.  On certain nights throughout the summer you can even watch a Dive 'n' Movie at Monsoon Bay.

I attended the park with 2 kids. Unfortunately I didn't have another adult with me to watch my kids while I went on other rides. So the only thing I saw was the kid and family friendly rides. My kids had a blast and I had fun too. it was a great way to keep my kids active, entertained, and cool on a Hot summer's day.


Amber Ludwig said…
How fun!! I wish we had something similar in my town!! My son plays at the splash pad near us but there's no slides or anything. Looks like you guys had a blast!!
Cassidy Morelli said…
Your kids are adoreable by the way :)
Cassidy Morelli said…
We have it on our to-do list to take our children to the water park this summer, we set off for one and ended up at go carting. But like Amber we visit a local splash sprinkle pad often.

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