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I gave up curling my hair a long time ago. Because it never curls and mean NEVER. Or when it does I have to use so much hair spray just to get it to hold for an hour or two. But a week ago that all changed. I got this new producted called Freeze IT Hair  I came with a 12-in-one hair serum to use before you blow dry or curl it, a shine, and two types of hair spray. So I gave it a try. I showed and used the serum before blow drying. Then I strayed a little of the Surf Spray, and stared to curl it. After it was curled I used the Illuminator Instant Shine and Finishing Spray. This is what my hair looked like after.

Simple curls nothing big and crazy but it was also nice.

But the kicker part is how long will it last? Well as the day started to go by one thing I relized that I loved was, if I wanted to I could still run my finger in my hair without that sticker or hard feeling. 

Not only did the curls last all day. Which never happen! But the curls where still there the next morning. Yes ok I went to bed without showering that night. But not only did I really want to see how long it would last but I also  don't wash my hair every day. I find that if I do it becomes really greasy and oily. 
Freeze IT Hair also helps to keep your hair strong. Each product has different things to help keep your hair strong. So you can feel good when putting it in your hair. I have never loved any hair care product as much as I love IT. It really has made me want to take care of my hair more. I am a fan and will always use this now. 


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