Put Me in the Story, kids book review

Aiden is about to be 3 next month, and so we have been reading to a lot more. We want him to not only learn how to read but to have a love for readying. What a better way to get kids to love books when they are in a book. Are you not sure what I am talking about? There is this website called Put Me in the Story, where they do just that. They take your childs name and puts them into the story. Aiden loves Elmo so we got a book made called "Aiden, Elmo loves you!" I even put a picture of Aiden and I in it. So when he opens his book he sees himself and his name.

Because of this he can now recognize his own name. What a great way to teach kids without them even knowing they are learning. Every time I read it to him his face lights up when I read his name. He is just so suprised and excited that he is in a book.

Get your kids books while they are young, that way they will have a love for reading when they are older. This is a great book for kids of any age. With Christmas coming up in a few months this would be a great gift from mom and dad or grandma and grandpa. With so many different books to chose from at put me in the storyI am sure you will find one that works great for you.


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