weaning off the breast

We are coming up on Logans 1st birthday. And with that I am wanting to start weaning him off. He eats lots of solids and knows how to dink out of a sippy and bottle but, he will not drink it if it is milk. Any kind of milk, breast, formula, normal milk. That is unless I give this sippy to his brother. I know right away a lot of you are giong to say, let him self wean, or dont' stop at a year or whatever. With Aiden we breastfeed until he was 15ish months.

With Logan there are a few reason why I want to stop early. And yes they maybe slefish reason but they are mine and each mom needs to decited on their own when is the right time for them. First of all he still wakes up every 5 mins after 1am and wants to feed. Now dont get me worng I still feed him, but most of the time he is not feeding as in just passifering. I would love to just give him a sippy and let him fall back asleep.

I also want to really start losing the baby fat and there are a few things I can't do while breastfeeding still. Like detoxing. Or there are things we are not sure if they are safe or not so we just don't do it. Well today was the first time in a long time he has drank milk out of a bottle/sippy. We gave him both to see what he would pick and so far he liks his tommee tippee bottle. Because he is not yet a year we are just giving him a little milk in there now and just trying to nurse him less.

I mean really this baby is 10 months and 26lbs!!!! He loves his food! Now I have a question for you. What helped you wean? What bottle did you kid like the most? And any advice would be nice!


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